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Kew Gardens real estate apartments and condos for sale, Kew Gardens has the misfortune of being known for a famous murder 
that happened in 1964 - clearly this reputation should have been lost 
in the ensuing decades, but its inclusion in everything from musicals 
to psychology texts books has kept the memory alive. But never fear, 
crime rates in the neighborhood today are comparable to those of 
upscale, safe neighborhoods in Manhattan. 

Residents from all over Asia, South America, and the Middle East 
inhabit Kew Gardens. The area has a significant Jewish community from 
various countries of origin. Manhattan professionals are drawn to the 
neighborhood because of the speedy E express train service into the 
city. The F train and the Long Island Rail Road also stop in Kew 
Gardens and the neighborhood is close to multiple freeways for car 
owners. For residents on foot, there are many walking-distance 
conveniences. Lefferts Blvd. and Metropolitan Avenue are frequently 
crowded with pedestrians patronizing the array of cultural specialty 
markets, take out joints, and general retail stores that reflect the 
diversity of the neighborhood's residents. Russian cuisine coexists 
with coffee and donuts. 

Kew Gardens is slightly taller and more urban than its neighbors, 
just also with charming tudor & detached houses. While mammoth 
apartment buildings with castle spires can be found along the larger 
avenues, the smaller tree lined side streets contain stately homes 
decked out with ornate detailing and sizable yards. The housing density 
of Kew Gardens means that most of the real estate for sale is in the 
form of co-ops or condos. 

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