Bel Air

The distinction Bel Air offers is unparalleled for several reasons. Included in the Platinum Triangle, Bel Air has become synonymous with old money and true Southern California architecture. The famous Bel Air Hotel is beautifully nestled within the community and was recently remodeled by renowned designers Alexandra Champalimaud and David Rockwell.
The 8th Wonder of the World | 924 Bel Air Rd.$150,000,000
Versace Mansion - West$10,500,000
727 N Beverly Glen, Los Angeles, CA, 90077$5,749,500
1006 N REXFORD DR Beverly Hills LA$32,500,000
145 N MAPLETON DR Bel Air LA$55,000,000
10372 W SUNSET Bel Air LA$27,500,000
600 PERUGIA WAY Bel Air LA$24,995,000
2601 SUMMITRIDGE DR Beverly Hills LA$25,000,000
1940 BEL AIR RD Bel Air LA$26,500,000
800 TORTUOSO Bel Air LA$45,000,000
141 S CAROLWOOD DR Westwood LA$115,000,000
330 S MAPLETON DR Westwood LA$69,950,000
8 BEVERLY PARK Beverly Hills LA$32,500,000
10701 BELLAGIO RD Bel Air LA$48,000,000
16 BEVERLY PARK Beverly Hills LA$39,700,000
1160 SAN YSIDRO DR Beverly Hills LA$19,950,000
1024 SUMMIT DR Beverly Hills LA$22,500,000
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580 N BEVERLY GLEN Bel Air LA$20,995,000
1400 LINDA FLORA Bel Air LA$59,000,000
1011 N ROXBURY DR Beverly Hills LA$19,500,000
805 NIMES PL Bel Air LA$29,950,000
1005 N REXFORD DR Beverly Hills LA$23,000,000
No photo available
No photo available
9601 OAK PASS RD Beverly Hills LA$27,950,000
809 N REXFORD DR Beverly Hills LA$25,000,000
837 GREENWAY DR Beverly Hills LA$33,000,000
2200 SUMMITRIDGE DR Beverly Hills LA$18,995,000
1360 SUMMITRIDGE PLACE Beverly Hills LA$20,500,000
655 FUNCHAL RD Bel Air LA$35,800,000
1013 N BEVERLY DR Beverly Hills LA$19,000,000
909 N BEDFORD DR Beverly Hills LA$34,500,000
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0 TORTUOSO WAY Bel Air LA$150,000,000
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