Andrew Pastor

Andrew Pastor
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Danny Abraham Team
100 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY
Fax: 212-252-9347


Andrew believes that every buyer and seller deserves an advocate that can interpret current market data, trends, and dynamics to empower their decision-making in a transaction of any magnitude. He is constantly exploring and implementing new ways to save his clients time and money, bringing great value to the closing table. To accomplish this, Andrew spends countless hours each week analyzing market research, reviewing inventory updates, conducting home tours, and conversing with other industry professionals to understand the current pulse of the market. He routinely monitors where we stand in the market cycle, which is imperative towards making the most effective decisions at all times. Andrew continuously seeks ways to utilize and leverage his years of experience to guarantee the highest level of customer service. He delivers a marketing platform that encompasses his knowledge, network, and analysis, so that customers can confidently transact within the unique markets throughout New York City. He always meets his challenges head-on, outhustling his competition and showing tireless effort to achieve his professional goals.

Personal Life:

Andrew is a voracious reader, primarily of world history, business and finance books. He is a restaurant-goer, a car enthusiast, and is devoted to health & fitness. He has traveled to various destinations throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and South America. Andrew holds a bachelor’s degree in finance as well as history with a minor in economics. He first obtained his salesperson license eight years ago and has been engaged in real estate ever since. He is not married and does not have children, dedicating seven days a week to his profession. There is nothing he would rather be doing with his time.