Vernon Blugh-Bernard

Vernon Blugh-Bernard
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson | Licensed as 'Vernon E Blugh'
578 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211
415 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017
License: 10401337829
Fax: 212.252.9347

Vernon Blugh was raised in Brooklyn, NY and has always been fascinated with what New York City has to offer. He was always excited to take trips between Brooklyn and Manhattan whether by car or public transportation. The river views, tall skyscrapers, parks, beaches and the various types of famous residences were always an amazing sight to see. Both the city’s landscape and the surrounding county views piqued his interesting Real Estate at a very early age. As a teen, he became more fascinated with specific areas like the Financial District in Manhattan which led him to learn about investing.

Since then, he was always intrigued by the connection of the Business world and Real Estate. His passion enticed him to get a Business Degree in Financial Services from Penn State University in 2005. This then led to him getting his first Real Estate license in Pennsylvania after seeing how the Philadelphia landscape began to change and became similar to the New York City neighborhoods he remembered. He eventually also became licensed in New York, Florida and is in process with New Jersey.

Vernon has a passion for helping people in understanding the value of buying or leasing a home. He enjoys the journey of the purchase and loves to analyze every deal as an investment. He uses his Finance background when working with investors to tell a story behind the numbers. To compliment his Real Estate expertise with helping people, he’s also a licensed Life Insurance Agent, working on his Securities licenses and has even ventured into Mortgage side of the business to become a well-rounded Client Advisor. Vernon enjoys helping clients to buy and sell both residential and commercial properties and loves to help clients find that next project in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate.