Hamilton Park Apartments For Sale

Stunning 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms with Amazing View of Hamilton Park!$699,000
Sun Drenched 1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom in Hamilton Park Area$449,000
Welcome to The Centenary!$949,000
Brand New Construction in Hamilton Park Neighborhood!$798,000
515 JERSEY AVE Condo New Jersey$449,000
432 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$345,000
49 COLES ST Condo New Jersey$515,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$869,000
332 NEWARK AVE Condo New Jersey$875,000
187 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$519,000
473 JERSEY AVE Condo New Jersey$432,000
345 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$888,000
215 BRUNSWICK ST Condo New Jersey$780,000
227 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$585,000
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$999,888
186 WAYNE ST Condo New Jersey$489,000
240 9TH ST Condo New Jersey$575,000
135 MONTGOMERY ST Condo New Jersey$408,000
332 NEWARK AVE Condo New Jersey$539,000
126 MERCER ST Condo New Jersey$950,000
180 WASHINGTON ST Condo New Jersey$489,000
299 PAVONIA AVE Condo New Jersey$1,199,000
149 ESSEX ST Condo New Jersey$1,099,000
15 WARREN ST Condo New Jersey$685,000
476 MONMOUTH ST Condo New Jersey$750,000
420 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$315,000
88 MORGAN ST Condo New Jersey$719,000
1 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$899,000
64 MERCER ST Condo New Jersey$635,000
134 MORRIS ST Condo New Jersey$549,000
20 2ND ST Condo New Jersey$669,000
241 7TH ST Condo New Jersey$1,425,000
580 JERSEY AVE Condo New Jersey$465,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$1,099,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD Condo New Jersey$1,099,000
553 JERSEY AVE Condo New Jersey$439,000
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