224 E 135th St

224 E 135th St, The Bronx, NY 10451

Unit floor beds bath area Price
The Arches + NYCUp to 2 BRAvailable upon request
F821st1 BR1$2,000
E819th2 BR1$2,500
701-N19th2 BR1$2,740
17071 BR1$2,750
901-N9th2 BR1$2,750
801-N19th2 BR1$2,780
1001-N19th2 BR1$2,840
1103-N17th2 BR1$2,860
1101-N19th2 BR1$2,860
1203-N17th2 BR1$2,870
1201-N19th2 BR1$2,870
1301-N19th2 BR1$2,880
1303-N17th2 BR1$2,880
1004-N10th1 BR1$2,888
1401-N19th2 BR1$2,890
1501-N19th2 BR1$2,900
1104-N11th1 BR1$2,900
1603-N17th2 BR1$2,910
1601-N16th2 BR1$2,910
1204-N12th1 BR1$2,913
1701-N19th2 BR1$2,920
1801-N19th2 BR1$2,930
1803-N17th2 BR1$2,930
1901-N19th2 BR1$2,940
1404-N14th1 BR1$2,950
2001-N19th2 BR1$2,950
2101-N19th2 BR1$2,960
1504-N15th1 BR1$2,975
1604-N16th1 BR1$2,988
2306-N23rd2 BR1$3,000
1704-N17th1 BR1$3,000
1804-N18th1 BR1$3,013
1904-N19th1 BR1$3,025
2004-N20th1 BR1$3,038