Nest Media is a stand-alone media company that produces and delivers direct global access to the intricate world of real estate via multiple networks and streaming platforms. From programs featuring extraordinary and luxury homes, regional property docuseries, property transformation shows, or nuanced and deal-making programs.

Larger-than-life personalities, a red hot seller’s market, super exclusive luxury properties and the potential for mega-dollar sales blend into a potent cocktail of real estate drama and real world competition in the new Discovery+ series, Selling the Hamptons.

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BBC is now bringing its very own luxury property programme to UK viewers with 'Crazy Rich Agents'. It will show what it takes estate agents to secure and sell the most expensive and exclusive properties across the country.


A group of young and ambitious agents all from Nest Seekers International, selling multi-million dollar deals on luxurious listings in The Hamptons. Discover the show now on Netflix.


Our in house creative agency produces branding and marketing assets to development projects and incredible properties. We publish our work seasonally in publications that are methodically distributed to the ultimate targeted discerning buyers.

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You can book your private travel at with real-time availability and open legs from the East Coast to the West Coast and beyond.

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Explore our data center of carefully produced and selected guides, reports a analytics. Information and knowledge is key to making informed decisions.

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Homes for Sale in Popular Regions

Explore listings, view photos, and arrange a viewing with a seasoned real estate agent in some of our most popular regions.