Adding value to developments


With extensive experience and intimate knowledge of each local market, Nest Seekers Marketing partners with developers to plan out every step of the way and if needed redefine projects and goals. We bring insight to the drawing table, directing projects based on market demand, conditions and every developer’s individual goal.

Design and Identity

The right branding could have enormous impact on profitability. Working with architects, design teams and project engineers, we help define the identity of the product and introduce options that then emerge into marketing strategies. Exploiting floor plan designs, layouts and décor maximizes profitability and minimizes costs.

Market Analysis and Speculations

With access to all market research and every pricing analysis we not only participate in pricing units but also defining goals and projections achieving the highest price per square foot, scheduling price amendments with our finger on the pulse, ensuring highest profits on time.

Strategies and Innovation

From collateral material to 3D simulations, web sites, sales office and all other marketing products, we design thoughtful, innovative marketing plans to facilitate efficient access to the target market. Our ideas are above and beyond imagination and will bring higher value to the project.

By partnering with design companies we incorporate costs together and tie in marketing costs to the risk, potentially saving you millions in upfront marketing costs.

Product Repositioning

Occasionally, projects come to market without marketing strategy or with the wrong selling plan at the wrong time. We will take on projects that others may have failed on and reposition it in the market place as fresh, new and exciting, creating new value for potential buyers and complete the process successfully by visualizing concepts that others may have overlooked.

Capital Contribution

Depending on the vision and the project, we may invest or help syndicate the capital contribution through our asset management divisions. We will then become your partner as well as the marketers for the project helping everyone involved achieve their financial goals.


Relationships with the right banks ensure affordable financing of the project and sale of each unit. Bringing this benefit to a project can ensure every buyer will be able to close, and in some cases lock in rates for a year upfront or as needed.

From Offering Plan to Final Closing

We work with your legal team to simplify the purchase contract and technical processes of the transaction making sure the sales are smooth and easy. We coordinate and liaise the closing of each unit making sure everything is on schedule. Budget and timelines are crucial in maximizing profits and success.

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