Nest Seekers International is a global real estate brokerage at the nexus of technology and media. Founded in 2002 by industry visionary and current president and CEO, Eddie Shapiro, Nest Seekers evolved at the forefront of the digital media revolution, reaching a new generation of clients and gaining international exposure through groundbreaking media partnerships, revolutionizing the industry and fuelling Nest Seekers’ rapid growth.

Over the past two decades, Nest Seekers has continuously expanded and has become a household name across multiple key metropolitan and luxury destinations. Today, with well over $100B in transactions and representations globally, Nest Seekers has 50 offices and 2,000 agents and employees across North America, the United Kingdom, Canada, the EU, Southeast Asia and the UAE.

Aspirational and mid-to-high net-worth consumers rely on familiar and trusted brands with similar principles and identities; the Nest Seekers brand is synonymous with luxury and excellence. In every market, Nest Seekers has established itself as a market leader, specializing in Ultra Luxury and New Development. Our professionals are frequently featured as experts on the highest-rated media outlets such as CNBC, the BBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Additionally, the firm continues to gain global exposure with its television series, "Million Dollar Listing New York," the Shapiro Executive Produced Netflix hit "Million Dollar Beach House," and "Selling the Hamptons" on Discovery+, all made possible through our media arm 'Nest Media' which has ascended to the top of the Real Estate programming market.

As a privately held company with no reliance on shareholders or investors, every aspect of our business is conceptualized, designed, and built in-house. Nest Seekers’ mission is to take what it has established in its key markets and continue to cross-connect with the key metro megacities of the world through sophisticated and revolutionary digital platforms that increase efficiency, quality, and conversions –– solidifying our business as the primary solution for high-quality real estate services across all markets.

Finally, as well as serving the global real estate market, Nest Seekers is a trusted representative and advisor in accumulating, diversifying and preserving our client's portfolio of hard assets through our affiliated services, Nest Jets, Nest Yachts and Nest Fine Arts.

Creativity, ingenuity, quality, and passion in service are the fundamentals of our success and growth.

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