Nuttia Sunittramat
Nuttia Sunittramat

Obtaining two Master's degrees in Contemporary Art and Photography from Parson the New School of Design in NYC and Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Nuttia began her career as a professional fashion and celebrity photographer in NYC. Post-Pandemic, Nuttia has turned her interest to business and Art, Real Estate, and joined Nestseekers in 2022. As a creative-minded person, Nuttia has an eye for aesthetics in high-end residential which then allows her to transform a vision into a marketing masterpiece.

With a successful career in fashion photography, her photography works have been published in many acclaimed publications such as Vogue magazine, Harper Bazaar’s magazine, L’Officiel magazine, and many prestigious companies, Time publication, Candid Magazine, and Business Insider. Working with a variety of people from Hollywood actors and actresses, internet icons, models, artists, and successful entrepreneurs. Nuttia is able to help them achieve their needs in photography, similar to finding a place in Real Estate.

Whether you are looking for investment opportunities to buy, sell or rent in New York City, you can rely on Nuttia to provide the absolute highest service, passion, and results. Nuttia is a knowledgeable real estate advisor who helps clients create equity and wealth, and establish a long lasting report and relationship that will exist beyond the transaction of Real Estate.

Born in Bangkok, Nuttia (Chinese family background) grew up and graduated from a prestigious elite academic background in Thailand. Currently, she lives in Midtown NYC for over 10 years and enjoys Contemporary art, piano, and academic lecture in her free time.