6 Tips for Lower Homeowners' Insurance Guide

6 Tips for Lower Homeowners' Insurance

  1. Consolidate. Use one company to insure not only your home but also your car or other vehicle(s). Packaging multiple types of insurance together with a single company usually nets you a discount.
  2. Carry. If you can afford to maintain a higher deductible, you might wish to do so. A higher deductible usually translates to lower monthly premiums. However, always be sure that you carry enough insurance. Remember, you’re going to be covering the cost of replacing your home, not just the market value.
  3. Research. Shop around for the best deal on insurance. Many companies will provide a free comparison service. Also keep an eye out for other, miscellaneous discounts. For example, some retirees may qualify for discounted theft insurance (as they are home more often than those with full time careers).
  4. Review. Go over your insurance policies on a yearly basis. Plans may change, or items may increase or depreciate in value. Make sure the insurance covering your valuables is the appropriate amount.
  5. Connect. Inquire among your work associates, friends and social connections as to insurance options. Alumni groups, fraternal organizations, corporations and associations often offer lower insurance rates to their membership or affiliates.
  6. Constancy. Once you have found the best insurer, stick with them. Chances are, they reward customer loyalty with constant (or in some cases slowly decreasing) insurance premiums.