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Woodhaven Blvd, known for congestion and general unsightliness,
should not be confused with Woodhaven the neighborhood. The boulevard
in question only cuts through the eastern side of Woodhaven and is a
necessary evil for car owners and locals in need of essentials. The
neighborhood itself is quieter than the street due to the border it
shares with Forest Park, and the residential character of much of the
rest of the area.

Unlike many neighborhoods of the "Cemetery Belt," Woodhaven shares
more space with an actual park than it does with graveyards. Since
playing baseball in a cemetery is generally frowned upon, the park is
much more useful for those interested in organized sports. Also, for
those without cars, multiple stops on the J & Z subway lines allow
residents to travel easily to Brooklyn and other parts of Queens,
making Woodhaven a good home for professionals who work within both

In Woodhaven, development is more welcome than it is elsewhere -
condos are regarded as beautifiers for rundown streets. However, the
neighborhood also has nice older homes and apartment buildings,
including many brightly painted single family homes with peaked roofs
and the occasional gable. The listings include a mix of
attached/detached residences, single/multifamily homes, and

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