Centre Island

Centre Island is a prestigious village located on the North Shore of Long Island in the Gold Coast of Nassau County. The village is known for its beautiful waterfront properties and serene surroundings. With a population of just over 400 residents, the village provides a quiet and exclusive lifestyle to its residents.

In terms of shopping, Centre Island is in close proximity to several upscale shopping centers such as Americana Manhasset and Roosevelt Field Mall. Here are the top 5 best luxurious shopping places in the Gold Coast of LI:

  1. Americana Manhasset
  2. The Gallery at Westbury Plaza
  3. Roosevelt Field Mall
  4. Walt Whitman Shops
  5. The Shops at Nanuet

As for the most luxurious hotels, visitors to Centre Island can enjoy some of the finest accommodations in the Gold Coast area. Here are the top 5 Most Luxurious Hotels in the Gold Coast of LI:

  1. The Garden City Hotel
  2. The Ritz-Carlton New York, Westchester
  3. The Inn at Fox Hollow Hotel
  4. The Mansion at Glen Cove
  5. The Viana Hotel and Spa

Centre Island also has an excellent dining scene, with several restaurants offering exquisite cuisine and impeccable service. Here are the 5 most luxurious restaurants with the title Excellent Dining in the Gold Coast of LI:

  1. Toku Modern Asian
  2. Capital Grille
  3. Blackstone Steakhouse
  4. Limani
  5. Kyma

Finally, Centre Island boasts several World Class Residences that epitomize the luxurious lifestyle of the Gold Coast. Here are the top 5 most luxury residences in Centre Island and the Gold Coast of LI:

  1. The Duke Mansion
  2. The Orchard Hill Estate
  3. The Pen Mor Estate
  4. The Belvedere Estate
  5. The Laurel Hill Estate

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