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Brooklyn Navy Yard:

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a shipyard and industrial complex located on the East River. New York City recently reopened the Brooklyn Navy Yard as an industrial park which aims to show modern manufacturing can thrive in urban America. The Yard is home to brewery, apparel, local produce, and other businesses that are at the intersection of manufacturing, design, and technology. Apartments in the Navy Yard are all located within one block of the shipyard, bounded on two sides by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard, was established in 1801. From the early 1810s through the 1960s, it was an active shipyard for the United States Navy. Today, BLDG 92 serves as the neighborhood’s museum, and celebrates the past, present, and future of the yard. The museum features exhibitions that share the history of the Yard as well as showcase the work of modern day makers. Turnstile Tours offers a range of tours that look into the Navy Yard’s history as well as the various industries it supports.

The few apartments that exist include solitary tenement buildings and small townhouses. Some blocks display beautiful red townhouses, complete with elegant stoops and ornamental fixtures, while other streets seem wholly industrial in nature. For many years, the neighborhood was home to a series of dilapidated, abandoned structures of row homes, known as Admiral’s Row. Recently, the New York Times reported that Wegmans, a family run chain with stores around the Northeast, will have its first store in NYC: a 74,000-square-foot building inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard. According to the Times article, the Navy Yard’s board approved a deal for the redevelopment of the site which will knock down several buildings, including Admiral’s Row, to make space for Wegmans, other stores, industrial space and parking. The project is expected to bring in 200-600 jobs. Steiner Studios is a notable staple of the Navy Yard. Opened in November, 2004 on a 15-acre site, the 580,000 square-foot Steiner Studios provides New York City with its first Hollywood-style (and scale) production and support facility.

While there aren’t many residential buildings in the area, the neighborhood’s industrial layouts offer visitors and residents fun activities such as tours and tastings at Kings County Distillery, New York’s oldest distillery, Red Hook Winery as part of the Brooklyn Spirits Trail. Or spend some time on the massive rooftop of The Brooklyn Marge, a 65,000 sq. ft. rooftop farm at Building 3 which opens to the public and offers various events such as sunset yoga on the roof on Mondays and Pilates on Wednesdays.

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