The Final Walk-through before Closing Guide

Things to Be Aware of On the Final Walk-Through Before Closing

  • Make sure that everything included in the original sales agreement—appliances, furnishings, etc.—are still there, or they won’t be when you close on the house.
  • Make sure that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HAVAC, are fully functional, or they won’t be when the place is yours.
  • Make sure that the hot water heaters and heating are working, or they won’t when you move in.
  • Make sure that any and all appliances included in the sale are still working, or they won’t be working when you take possession.
  • Make sure that all requested repairs have been made, because if they have not, they never will be (unless you do them yourself). Request a copy of every bill and all related warranties, if applicable.
  • Make sure that all walls, carpets, and wood floors, and the ceiling are in good condition and undamaged.
  • Make sure that all of the sellers’ personal items and all of their debris is gone from the place, or you will have to clean these things up yourself, when you move in.