Anya Valentin

Anya Valentin
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed as Anya Nicole Valentin Hood
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401368380

Born in New York City and raised in Washington Heights, Anya has a strong sense of the community and the culture that makes NYC captivating. She’s very detail-oriented, ambitious, thrives in the workplace, and is always looking at the world through a new lens. She understands the uptown Manhttan market as she has ties in the community stretching back as far as four generations and being that she has been a resident for over two decades. When not working, she spends her time trying new restaurants in the city, finding hidden clothing store gems, and writing poetry. With a background in accounting and negotiations, she'll be by your side from the beginning and end of the real estate transaction and go above and beyond by all means to your benefit.

Anya has cultivated meaningful relationships with land developers and construction companies stretching from Hudson Valley to the tip of Florida and will use those connections whenever possible to find you your perfect home or next investment property. As a real estate agent, she understands the importance of having someone knowledgeable on hand to dictate the ever-fluctuating market; she will live, breathe, eat and sleep your vision of a perfect home until she turns it into a reality.

She believes in treating everyone she comes into contact with like family and will constantly go above and beyond to make anyone happy. When working with Anya, please take note that not only do you have a new friend who is in the business, but a new family member as well.