Beth Lustbader

Beth Lustbader
Manhattan Real Estate
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
License: 10401361083

Beth’s experience as an agent, her knowledge of the real estate market, and her success as a real estate salesperson give her confidence that she will be an excellent fit for her clients' needs. She began working in real estate several years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania when an opportunity became available through a friend at Nest Seekers International. She found that she had a natural affinity for the demanding nature of real estate sales, from marketing properties to finding the perfect home for clients, and she has developed a passion for the business. Because she’s able to empathize and build a strong rapport with clients, they trust her recommendations, leading to excellent results. She always listens to her clients and helps them through every step of the sales process, Beth resides in Riverdale, NY. She enjoys spending time with her son, running and playing with her chihuahua.