Bianca D'Alessio

Bianca D'Alessio
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401274695
Fax: 212.252.9347

Growing up in a family of developers in the Manhattan, Hamptons and Westchester markets for over 25 years, Bianca has learned the entire process first hand and became increasingly passionate about seeing a plot of land transformed into a beautiful home. Bianca’s market knowledge coupled with her extensive experience with condos and new development give her real estate clients an insider’s edge, and a strong advantage. Creative, enthusiastic and dedicated, Bianca gives full attention to each client’s unique needs. She never loses sight of the fact that the purchase or sale of a home is a life-changing undertaking.

Prior to her career in Real Estate, Bianca worked for a non-for-profit organization that focused on leadership development for young women. She had the opportunity to travel around the United States facilitating education workshops, behavioral analysis and inspirational speaking for over 2,500 women. Bianca never backs down when faced with a challenging situation and embraces adversity head on. She also loves new experiences and cultures.

When Bianca is not entrenched in Real Estate, she is an avid volunteer in New York City. As a member of the Financial Literacy Committee at the New York Junior League, she is committed to empowering and educating young adults to make sound decisions when it comes to matters of personal finance. Throughout Manhattan, Bianca regularly facilitates workshops on topics such as opening a bank account, establishing and using lines of credit responsibly, household budgeting and navigating the financial aid application process for college.

During her time at Babson College in Boston, Bianca packed a suitcase and moved to Auckland, New Zealand for six months where she enrolled at the Business School at the University of Auckland. She then spent the next three months living in China, Russia and India studying the entrepreneurial ecosystems and political spheres that affect business in the emerging markets. Bianca eventually went on to do consulting work for a technology start-up firm in Tel Aviv, Israel. Through her time abroad, she gained incredible insight on different communication styles, negotiation tactics and cultural norms. Bianca prides herself on being a strong listener, lifelong learner and loyal advocate for her clients.