Devon Hamilton

Devon Hamilton
100 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY
License: 10401341269
Mobile: +19179711519

Step into the dynamic world of real estate with Devon Hamilton, a licensed professional renowned for his sales prowess, who has recently joined the prestigious ranks of The Kim Teams—masters of orchestrating transactions surpassing $1 Billion. With a rich four-year history in real estate , Devon has seamlessly guided clients through the intricate landscape of property transactions, weaving together personalized service and market insights to craft
successful deals and leave homeowners thoroughly satisfied.

Devon's journey includes a captivating chapter as a leasing consultant at Equity Residential, where he delved into the heart of the rental market, expertly matching countless tenants with their dream homes to create seamless leasing experiences. As a Senior Community Consultant at Rudin Management, Devon commanded a portfolio of 1026 units sprawled across diverse properties, employing a blend of meticulous attention to detail, proactive problem-solving, and tenant satisfaction strategies to streamline property management. This immersive experience not only provided Devon with invaluable insights but also highlighted the transformative power of positive relationship building, laying the foundation for the elements essential to launching and nurturing a flourishing business.

Driven by dedication and ambition, Devon takes immense pride in delivering top-notch guidance and unwavering support that transcends the closing process. A genuine native New Yorker, Devon's current residence in Manhattan is a testament to his deep roots in the city. Beyond his professional endeavors, Devon is a passionate traveler with a keen eye for Men's Fashion Design and a flair for boxing. Actively engaged in prestigious organizations such as Soho House, Classic Car Club, and the legendary Gleason's boxing gym, Devon emerges as a well-rounded individual with diverse interests, embodying a steadfast commitment to excellence
in both his personal and professional pursuits. Elevate your real estate experience with Devon Hamilton—a multifaceted professional ready to redefine your journey in the world of real estate with flair and expertise.