Dylan Di Sabatino

Dylan Di Sabatino
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401367599

Dylan Di Sabatino was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware where his family have been preeminent builders and developers for the last 100+ years. His family's immigrant story began along Bleeker Street and Dylan is proud to now represent their tradition in the City where it all began. Arriving in New York City at a young age, Dylan's love for the city and its people have grown exponentially year over year. While many fled the City during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Dylan remained in New York, motivated by his belief that nothing could deter New York City from remaining the greatest City in the world.

Dylan Di Sabatino attended The King’s College in Manhattan where he majored in Humanities and minored in Business Management. Dylan played Varsity Basketball at The King’s College but is most proud to have served as The King’s College Director of Student Morale. Dylan’s professional background includes training in construction management, real estate development, non-profit management, event planning and food service. In addition, Dylan’s heart has led him to work on international human rights, and to travel abroad on various mission trips. From his experience, Dylan a deep appreciation for the power of strong and long-lasting relationships.

Dylan Di Sabatino chose to work with Nest Seekers International because he believes in their passion to maximize the real estate potential for the customer. With his personal and intimate knowledge of New York, Dylan is able to leverage the network and technology of Nest Seekers for his client. Dylan's brand is built upon his ability to deliver equity and wealth for his clients and ultimately serve as their trusted advisor.