Frank Anetrella

Frank Anetrella
150 Worth Ave, Palm Beach, FL 33480
License: SL3597873
Mobile: +15167765929

Frank, a native New Yorker with an inherent passion for construction and real estate, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise to the world of property. With a background rooted in constructing high-rise buildings across New York City and founding his own construction firm, Frank cultivated invaluable customer service skills, attuned to understanding and addressing client needs. His journey in flipping homes, coupled with designing and constructing his own residence, honed his patience and deepened his comprehension of the intricate facets of real estate. After dedicating considerable effort to perfecting his home, Frank's appreciation for Florida's captivating scenery and architecture inspired his move, propelling him into the dynamic realm of real estate in pursuit of matching individuals with their dream properties.

During his free time, Frank relishes quality time with his family and dog, embracing an active lifestyle. Engaging with Naples' vibrant community, Frank actively supports local small businesses and frequents charming restaurants, fostering a strong sense of belonging within the area. Whether exploring the outdoors or simply enjoying moments of tranquility, Frank finds joy in building cherished memories with his loved ones while relishing the beauty and warmth of the Naples community.