Frank Li

Frank Li
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Licensed as "Yingchun Li"
24-20 Jackson Ave Floor 3 Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
License: 10401362721

Frank, who has remarkable journey and diverse passions. Originally from China, he's been a New Yorker for over a decade. He's a proud alumnus of Stony Brook University, where his love for computer science was nurtured. With over a 10 years of experience in the dynamic worlds of banking and consulting industries, Frank's career culminated in the prestigious role of Senior Vice President at Accenture. His professional voyage has been adorned with rich experience in investment and project management.

But Frank's story doesn't end there. He's seamlessly transitioned into the realm of real estate, where his acumen in investment management shines. His history is marked by successful negotiations in the bustling markets of New York and Long Island areas. Frank's true mastery is revealed in his dedicated service to customers, offering them skillful guidance to uncover the most fitting real estate options and secure the best prices.

Beyond the corporate world, Frank's heart beats for a multitude of investments and financial products. He excels in crafting optimal asset allocation plans, ensuring his clients' financial aspirations align seamlessly with their dreams. Yet, Frank's love for adventure takes him beyond the boardroom. He's an enthusiast of outdoor sports, with skiing and diving as his true loves. Remarkably, Frank is a certified international emergency rescuer, bearing the highest qualifications in his quest for safety and adventure."