H.E. Rose Ieremia

H.E. Rose Ieremia
Panormos, Mykonos 846 00, Cyclades, Greece

Raised in Chania, my educational journey traversed various cities, instilling in me a rich tapestry of experiences. From Kastoria to Larissa, Thessaloniki to Nicosia, my formative years laid the groundwork for my academic pursuits.

I delved into the complexities of governance and law, undertaking studies in Political Science and Public Law at the Law School of the University of Athens. Concurrently, I pursued additional academic endeavors to broaden my understanding.

In September 1981, I embarked on an illustrious career in the Diplomatic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the years, I dedicated myself to serving in various capacities within the Ministry, contributing my expertise to navigate intricate international relations.

Throughout my diplomatic tenure, I represented my country with distinction on numerous occasions. From roles in the Central Service to diplomatic postings abroad, including Consul positions in Melbourne and Stuttgart, Counselor roles in Canberra and Kyiv, and Ambassadorial appointments in Vietnam and Cuba, each experience enriched my global perspective.

Today, drawing upon decades of diplomatic experience and a profound understanding of international relations, I bring my commitment to excellence to the realm of real estate.