Jeffrey Rusovskiy

Jeffrey Rusovskiy
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401344102
Mobile: +13475133311

Born and raised in New York City, Jeffrey has grown up with the entire city at his doorstep, roaming every corner of town making it home, and quickly becoming intimate with the city’s plentiful and diverse offerings. He serves the most discerning buyers and sellers with this eye, along with the utmost care, courtesy and confidentiality to conduct successful and timely transactions. Shortly after pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Physics, Jeffrey came to realize the wonderful intricacies of the city’s prized real estate, and has been engulfed in his work as an agent ever since. He considers himself one of New York’s biggest enthusiasts and as such thrives upon the challenge of finding each customer their preferred deal, scouring the island for his diverse patrons day and night, seven days a week. Jeffrey is also an amateur boxer, and can be found practicing inside the ring during late evenings. He believes an interdisciplinary approach is optimal for navigating any task to success, and as such makes his effort to keep a sharp body and thus an even sharper mind, to ultimately make fighting for a great deal easy! While handling his real estate transactions, Jeffrey has realized the needs of many of his buyers, sellers, and investors go beyond trading property and extend further into lifestyle setup in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is New York. As a result, he has developed a unique and growing set of skills that allows for a wide offering of services to his sphere. In addition to overseeing traditional real estate transactions for his clients, he often works with them on further projects such as interior decoration, custom clothing design, and even custom jewelry design, all to facilitate a heightened, comprehensive experience of sophisticated New York City living for his clientele. Currently, Jeffrey’s focus is on residential resales, however he is excited to work to meet the needs of any and all buyers, sellers, and investors coming from all over the world. In the few free moments he stumbles upon, you can find him improvising on the piano or studying a foreign language, moving towards his goal of learning more than ten in his lifetime.