Kara Ornato- Quvus

Kara Ornato- Quvus
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson as "Kara Ornato"
587 5th Avenue
License: 10401236147

Kara Ornato-Quvus- Licensed in, New York, Connecticut Central and South America!

Her resources, commitment, dedication and hard work pour success. From selling or representing clients in New York’s , high-end condos, co-ops and townhouses, to representing clients building eco friendly Hotels in the middle of the jungle , she has learned the art of respecting all!

Her resource, commitment, dedication are known to all that cross her path. She is known to fight for what’s right, do her homework and she NEVER gives up!

Kara , personally , sold off her 20 building portfolio that she owned and operated in Connecticut. Yale University was her 50/50 partner in 5 of the 20 buildings and her educator. The other 15 she personally owned and operated daily)by her),until May of 2019!

Owning and Operating, her own Real Estate Business, has given her a keen understanding of what clients want and DESERVE.

Rather than moving fast ———to make a “deal" . Kara takes pride with educating her clients on their investment, making sure they understand everything and will be 100% satisfied.

Kara, has conducted Business in London , Amsterdam, Milan, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Connecticut, Central America,South America and Asia. With her Personal Rolodex and Yale, she is currently exposed to an intense International and Domestic Clientele.

New York Real Estate is a perfect match for her to combine her diverse portfolio . As an owner of multiple business's. Kara understands the meaning of sacrifice and hard work.

Her background in Finance and Business doesn't go understated. Her due diligence is completed before any one goes into a deal with her!!

Kara is a personal investor in International and Domestic Real Estate.

She had the fashion industry under her belt and was a partner in a still current , successful, 5,000 sq foot salon. She also was a partner in a high end clothing boutique that closed in 2008. She feels grateful for the success of the salon in her buyout and the knowledge she learned For different genres. She quotes “learning is something we take for granted , you should never stop”. It’s a key component just for day too day life!

You may find her, behind the scene’s during Fashion Week's.....but this is now a hobby! She loves to breath- in , the fashion world. While helping behind the scenes, Kara loves to talk about where she is traveling too, and what she has her eye on for her next investment. She also helps guide all her people in that industry, as to where they should invest.

Kara Insists - WORD OF MOUTH is the the best investment!!

Kara is a worldwide Yogi, traveler, personal art collector, a mama and stands up for what is right!

Kara is a grateful human and would focus more on the client and their security, rather than "the deal". Don't get us wrong, SHE GETS IT COMPLETED, but simply understand her clients desire for patience and knowledge. In her book, this humble approach creates - 100% client satisfaction!

INSTAGRAM @karaornatoquvus - she calls it her movie!!

Kara Ornato-Quvus
"May you never have to chase peace rather than have it guide you''
New York Real Estate | Nest Seekers International
Midtown | 587 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10017
@karaornatoquvus - Instagram