Nada Cakar

Nada has earned the master's degree from the Vienna University of Economics (Wirtschaftsuniversität-Wien) and later on completed Theological and Spiritual Culture at Pontificia Facolta Teologica, Istituto di Spiritualità, Teresianum-Roma with the bachelor's degree.

Due to the various places of living in four European countries (Austria, Croatia, France, Romania) throughout her schooling and professional upbringing she became fluent in four languages - German, English, Italian, French, having communication skills also in Romanian and Chinese Mandarin, Croatian being her mother tongue for the birth place - Zagreb.

The professional life has been verstile as well. In the eightees she gained a lot of experience in foreign trade between Southeast Asia and Europe while working in the parental trading company, the ninetees being dominated by single parenting of two children and switching to the wholesale business and finances, followed by building up a career in different fields of business consulting - HR, inhouse trainings, strategic development and start-up counselling during the first ten years of the present century. Next ten years have been marked by a major turn having switched to producing conceptual 2D and 3D artworks, exhibiting twice in Beijing and in Florence at the International Contemporary Art Biennials, five years of acquiring Chinese Mandarin knowledge up to the B2 level, and caregiving to her immobile patient mother for three years in a row. The third decade of this century began with establishing an online start-up company.

Throughout all those years she was passionate about purchasing and selling real estates, not only for interior design purposes, which she is mostly fond of, but also about catching opportunities. Recently she has decided to turn that enthusiasm into business by facilitating matching up sellers, their real estates with buyers. Her motto is: every real estate has one particular owner at a time.