Nicholas Esposito

Nicholas Esposito
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Licensed as Nicholas Carmine Esposito
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
License: 10401375577
Mobile: +13476288430

Nicholas Esposito is a New York native and licensed real estate salesperson; operating out of Manhattan's bustling downtown. Mesmerized by the corridors of stone and steel; he seeks to preserve and share the ever-growing history, of this fine city. Through many years of work in several industries; including construction, electrical maintenance, and wiring. He understands that purchasing a home requires many sets of eyes, carefully observing each step of the journey.

Finding residence in this city can often seem like a free-fall, crashing wherever your budget seems fit. Nicholas will ensure that your landing will be free of turbulence, with nothing but the quiet enjoyment of your new home in your future.

When he isn't stressing over your paperwork at our lovely soho office. You can find him whittling on a street corner, watching in awe as the countless gears of New York spin in perfect synchronicity.