Paolo Vitolo

Paolo Vitolo
Real Estate Consultant
Via Andrea Appiani, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
License: n/a

Paolo Vitolo has been working with passion and determination as a consultant in the real estate sales sector for 6 years.

At the beginning of his career he beat every real estate statistic by concluding his first sale after 33 days in the sector, thus continuing first with simple properties and then with increasingly luxurious and unique properties. After almost 100 successfully completed operations, the desire to grow and learn is still alive.

Paolo has strong communication skills, excellent attitudes in relating to the public and a strong spirit of adaptation, listening and participation given by a strong empathy. After finishing his studies in accounting he went to university in science for investigation and security but his nature and passion, being the son, nephew and great-grandson of expert builders, led him towards the world of real estate brokerage .

Always looking for personal and professional growth and never satisfied with the countless goals achieved, Paolo meets Nest Steekers and decides that it is the right way to bring all his experiences and knowledge to an international level.

Paolo is passionate about extreme sports, martial arts and trekking, which have led him to cross half the world walking, above all he has an addiction to the sea and all water sports, where he feels at peace with himself.

In his free time he enjoys cooking where he passionately rediscovers all the traditions of his land and the love of his grandmothers' teachings.

Among his undeniable qualities, Paolo demonstrates that he always has the right focus to give a good outcome to every situation and this allows us to create relationships of great trust and transparency.

Paolo is Neapolitan but lives in Perugia, curiosity, passion, love, knowledge and work lead him to feel like a citizen of the world.