Paul Cibrano

Paul Cibrano
VP, Managing Director
Licensed Associate Broker
594 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, USA
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
20 Main Street Southampton, NY 11968
License: 10301221359
Fax: 212.252.9347

Paul Cibrano is the Vice President and Managing Director at Nest Seekers International. Born and raised in New York City, he attributes much of his success to the experiences and opportunities the city has provided him.

With a keen eye for global and asset expansion, Paul approaches real estate not merely as transactions but as a pivotal asset class responsible for 80% of global wealth. Fueled by a clear vision of scalability and growth, he embodies a philosophy of boundless possibilities.

Paul's unique brand in the industry is marked by a client-centric approach, functioning not just as a service provider but as a trusted partner and advisor. Whether collaborating with families to expand their portfolios or fostering growth within the firm, Paul's values remain steadfast — winning with integrity and doing what is right.

A graduate of Hofstra University, Paul Cibrano infuses his professional pursuits with a touch of humility, humor, and a recognition of the importance of work-life balance. His leadership is grounded in the belief that success is best achieved by surrounding oneself with good people and consistently making ethical choices. Beyond the office, Paul indulges in his passion for music as a pianist for a metal band called Nefariant and for golf, always striving to improve even if he jests about his skills on the green.