Rena Beinikis

Rena Beinikis
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
1107 Bedford Avenue
License: 10401359091
Mobile: +14845983911

Rena Beinikis is a newly licensed real estate agent in the state of New York, working towards obtaining licenses for New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well. She was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, and got a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University, where she graduated with honors. She now resides in New York, where she is employed as a concierge for multiple luxury buildings all over the city. Working in this position has exemplified Rena’s outstanding interpersonal skills, as she navigates through tough situations with ease and always goes above and beyond for her residents. She fills in for shifts in different buildings regularly, proving she can always adapt to changing environments, and is a very quick learner. She prides herself in excellent service, with an emphasis on hospitality. She has even been known to save the day by solving issues that her colleagues could not, like tracking down lost items, big and small. When she is not working, she is playing with or cuddling with her dog, Penny, and cat, Simba. The two are best friends, always waiting to greet Rena when she comes home.