Rula Lutfi

Rula Lutfi
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022
License: 10401284814
Mobile: +19176891660
Fax: 212.252.9347

What personal qualities/skills do you offer a buyer or seller?

I am the ultimate professional. It is my mission to deliver exceptional results to my clients. I accomplish this through a mix of tenacious work ethic, determination for excellence and attentiveness to clients’ needs.

How do you educate your customers/clients about the real estate market?

Firstly, by educating myself. I stay current on pricing and market trends by following the industry’s top experts or publications, and attending related events. Second, by being transparent about the market’s opportunities and pitfalls. Lastly, by sharing my own personal experiences and observations.

How long have you been in the real estate business? If new, what in your past life do you bring to your new career? Why did you choose Real Estate?

I am a new to the real estate business. Prior to joining Douglas Elliman as an agent, I worked in the luxury retail sector as an advisor to high-end clients. I developed a knack for identifying the finest, most exclusive items while meeting each client’s particular taste and needs. I chose Real Estate because it allows me to use my background and expertise to help discriminating clients find their dream home in New York City.

Describe the services you provide your buyers and sellers?

I guide clients throughout the buying or selling process, from prospect identification to closing. This includes providing them with a wealth of in-depth knowledge of the properties in question, the real estate market, due diligence, and financing options.

What is your real estate philosophy, if any?

Home is too important to be left to chance. Always rely on the experts.

Do you specialize in a particular neighborhood, price range, property type? If so, please describe.

I have intimate knowledge of Manhattan. I can readily identify the best location options for families and single individuals. While my primary focus is luxury listings, I know a good value when I see it. Therefore, I make room for worthwhile mid-range options.

Do you invest in property privately/have you owned property?

Yes, I have bought properties that I have redesigned and resold for a profit.

What are your main strengths (i.e., personality, in business, in relating to others, etc)? Why would someone hire you to find or sell a property?

I credit my solid relationship building skills as the key to my success. Having a keen eye and ear is not enough. One has to earn the client’s trust in order to understand his/her motivations and, consequently, provide real value.

If you were shopping for or selling your own apartment, what would you want in a realtor if you hired someone? What do you think makes a good broker?

A clear service-oriented attitude, great communication skills, and a nose for value.

What is your professional background/work history?

I worked in the luxury retail sector for five years.

How does the experience gained in your previous career(s) relate to the necessary qualities your feel are needed in your real estate profession?

Working in the luxury sector required me to be finely attuned to my clients’ taste and preferences. It also made me quick on my feet because these clients want primacy. That is, access to items before or as soon as they hit the shelves.

Is there a common thread that has run through your professions prior to selling real estate (i.e., always in sales, customer service, etc.)?

Yes, both sales and customer service.