Selma Kapetanovic

Selma Kapetanovic
Head of European Markets, Ontario
10522 Islington Ave. Kleinburg, ON L0J 1C0, Canada
License: 4775018

Selma is a seasoned broker with a diverse portfolio. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the world of real estate has made her an award-winning and sought-after professional. Her expertise includes: ultra luxury pre-construction sales management, servicing commercial clients, and guiding residential real estate transactions. She is dedicated to providing results-oriented services and takes the time to assess her client's needs accordingly in order to provide the best outcome. She ensures that anyone she works with is provided a high level of guidance and customer service every step of the way. Her goal is to make each client feel they are extensively supported throughout the entire process, even after the transaction has been completed. Selma is a true believer in the importance of going above and beyond expectations and stands by the belief that a client's satisfaction is of the greatest importance.