Stefano Sorbo

Stefano Sorbo
Real Estate Agent
Via Andrea Appiani, 25, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
License: n/a

Stefano Sorbo is an expert real estate agent, active for over 15 years in the residential real estate sales sector. Equipped with an innate sales communication ability, once he had completed his studies as a surveyor, he decided that his job would be to sell houses.

After a long apprenticeship at some of the most important real estate companies in Italy, Stefano opened his own agency and within a short time, together with his partners, managed a team of over thirty people, effectively becoming the largest real estate agency in the region of Umbria.

Scared of the comfort zone and never satisfied with his results, Stefano encounters Nest Seekers and decides to make all his skills available to the company, in order to provide his customers with a more international stage.

Stefano is passionate about cinema and theater in which he engages with great passion by taking courses and acting in small amateur works.

In his free time he plays padel, is passionate about skiing and escapes to the mountains whenever the opportunity arises. His greatest quality is that he knows how to immediately create an empathetic connection with his customers.

He lives in Perugia but moves throughout Italy, because his passion for his work takes him everywhere.