Tito dos Santos

Tito dos Santos
Your Real Estate Advisor for Portugal and Europe
Avenida da Liberdade 69, 4ºC, 1250-140 Lisbon

Besides his passion for real estate Tito dos Santos has an international experience in management, advertising, sales and premium customised services.

Tito got his degree in corporate communications and marketing in Lisbon, Portugal. Immediately upon graduating, and following his dream of working in aviation and passion for airplanes, he began working in the Air Force as a Public Relations specialised in crisis communications.

Next, and due to the strategical mindset he developed throughout the years in the Air Force, Tito became New Business Development Manager for a multinational marketing and Public relations Agency with offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Tito was responsible for re-branding numerous brands, launching others (nationwide and worldwide) and creating new strategies.

In less than 2 years, a new challenge came within Portuguese borders. Tito started working in the travel and tourism sector as Lisbon Business Manager in one of the most renowned and awarded cruise companies in the world, being awarded with the World Travel Market in 2013 among other awards. There, he managed the operation and sales' teams of the sightseeing operation, which included hop-on/hop-off buses, river cruise and helicopter.

An important detail about Tito's personality: he cannot say "No" to a good challenge. For him, the bigger the challenge, more excited he gets. So, in 2017 he was invited to become a TV producer on the most watched generalist TV channel in Portugal. Not only was he producing and getting everything set for each show, he was also responsible for all the commercial and marketing strategies, raising sponsorships and partnerships for TV shows.

And in a time when real estate gained more prominence in the media, so Tito become enthralled with the real estate community. Now Tito brings his mindset, knowledge and expertise to Nest Seekers. Having sales and strategy in his blood for years and a keen eye for beauty and design, he knows the ins and outs of what it means to close a good negotiation bringing the grit and dedication it takes to secure a deal.

Tito is currently working on some of the most exciting international and Portuguese properties and developments, and working with clients from all over the world as he speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. In his team, he has Italian, Russian and German speakers. So with Tito the sky is the limit or as he says since his Air force years, the sky is not the limit.

Tito is looking forward to hearing from you. To help buyers getting their dream home and to help sellers sell their properties at fairest market value and in the shortest possible time frame.