Keiko Ma

Keiko Ma
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
24-20 Jackson Ave Floor 3 Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
License: 10401330334

Head of Marketing @ Bethoney Shen Team


With years of high-end brand marketing experience and a professional background in real estate, Keiko is a determined marketing talent with a vast network of clients and a deep understanding of the real estate development process. She is capable of reaching the most qualified investors, buyers, and renters, both regionally and globally, consistently delivering the highest value and service.

Keiko holds a master’s degree in Real Estate Development from New York University. Through her professional dedication and keen insights into New York’s luxury real estate market, she has become a trusted advisor to high-net-worth individuals. Keiko prioritizes her clients' needs and values long-lasting relationships. As she puts it, "I’m not just a one-time transactional broker. I see myself as an advisor committed for the long term, going the extra mile to safeguard our clients' best interests and serve as their lifelong go-to resource. While apartments may come and go, relationships are enduring.” Keiko is client-driven and results-oriented, available 24/7. She once helped an overseas buyer complete nine transactions in a year, leading to a client retention rate of over 95%.

In her spare time, Keiko enjoys outdoor activities like surfing and skiing and loves to explore new cities. She believes that real estate decisions represent new chapters in people's lives, and she's here to assist in turning that page. You can reach out to her at or 646.315.5686.


Keiko不仅是一名地产经纪人,更是许多高净值客户心中的信任代名词。在纽约资深地产团队Bethoney Shen Team担任Head of Marketing,拥有纽约大学地产开发专业的硕士学位。精通英中双语, 扎实的专业教育背景与多年的工作经验积累使她成为大量客户在海外购房路上的合作伙伴。

Keiko深悟国际买家在异国他乡购房过程中的各类困扰,因此她会为每位客户量身定做选房策略。对市场的精准把控和房源变化的敏锐观察是她在行业中获得经验和成功的关键,帮助客户做出正确选择,降低投资风险,确保交易顺利完成。Keiko专攻国际买家高端自住房产、投资类物业、1031延税置换、跨境线上购房和度假屋选购等方面。她视客户如朋友家人,始终将客户的利益和需求放在首位。在Keiko眼里,房地产不仅仅是砖瓦与土地的交易,更是人与人之间信任和情感的传递。正如她所说:“做事先做人,地产经纪人的口碑很重要, 我的大部分客户都是通过原来客户转介绍的,其中不少还与我购置了多套房产,甚至买投资房的客户我也敢于为他们提供“售后服务”——找到租客,确保客户达到满意的现金流收益。” 正是因为Keiko一直坚守自己的信条,客观有效的为客户分析利弊,她的客户保留率超过95%,还曾协助一位海外买家在一年内顺利进行九笔跨国地产交易,深得客户信任与好评。


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