Yun Ding

Yun Ding
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
24-20 Jackson Ave Floor 3 Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
License: 10401352839
Mobile: +19178823798
Fax: 212.252.9347

Yun Ding丁韵

She has an unwavering commitment to every client and a proven track record of success.

Originally from GuangDong, China, she moved to the United States in 2014. She holds an undergraduate degree from Xinghai Conservatory of Music and a Master’s degree from the University of Montana. Speaking three languages (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) enables Yun to serve a diverse clientele and close international deals with ease.

In undertaking various roles at diversified real estate companies, she has honed her abilities to solve a variety of foreign long-term real estate related issues. Yun is currently working to establish a strong foothold in New York and streamline a global market. Through her deep technical understanding and passion for the real estate industry, she contributes to a team of professional real estate agents who have completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successful transactions. Her responsibilities include pricing negotiations, transaction facilitation, and managing a network of professional leasing agent relationships.

In her personal life, Yun enjoys musical theatre, travel, and photography. She enjoys communicating with others from all over the world, finding beauty in nature and staying positive.

Through her career in the real estate industry, she has gained invaluable professional experience, expanded her skillset and demonstrated a strong work ethic, attributes that make her a competitive real estate agent, providing each of her customers with the best possible service.

丁韵(Yun Ding), 纽约执照地产经纪人


现就职于美国知名地产公司Nest Seekers International, 团队在去年达到上亿美金成交额

丁韵从小在中国广东长大,随后迁往上海工作生活3年,后赴美国University of Montana攻读硕士,精通中文,粤语,英文流利,使她能够为不同背景的客户服务,达成国际交易;在中资以及中外合资地产公司任职的经历,让她具备良好的国际视野,同时日积月累的沉淀,使丁韵对纽约乃至新泽西黄金海岸的房地产市场有着独到及专业的见解;在房地产行业,她展示了自己在定价谈判、交易便利化和管理专业租赁代理关系网络方面的专业知识, 擅长中高端买卖及租赁代理,用专业和细致为每一位客户争取最大的利益。

Nest Seekers International, 是一家总部在纽约和伦敦的国际化地产公司。旗下拥有纽约排名第一的明星经纪人Ryan Serhant, Netflix 全球地产节目《Million Dollar Beach House》上的多位明星经纪,全球最大的地产视频博主Eric Conover。所在的团队New Development Marketing Team为全公司的所有楼盘项目做全球市场运营与宣传, 最一手的资源提供给所有的VIP客户, 顶级人脉资源, 贷款专家,律师团队,装修团队,设计团队等等,为您提供全方位的服务。