Zeljka Vrdoljak

I built my career in Zagreb, the city where I grew up and was educated. In my 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, satisfaction of clients who intuitively had exceptional trust in me and which I have consistently justified, is something particularly fulfilling to me.

From managing an agency to starting my own, and participating in a long-term investment project focused on commercial real estate, all this gives me a deep understanding of market dynamics. As a real estate agent, I stand out not only with my business instincts, but also with my love for dealing in exclusive real estate. Each property represents a story, and my interest lies in exploring the space through the prism of hidden details and potential.

In addition to real estate experience, experience in the financial services sector enhances my experience and my ability to guide clients through financial aspects of transactions. While at the same time, experience in marketing contributes to a creative approach to presentation of the real estate.