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Things You May Not Know about the Flatiron Building

By Jiaxin Li

November 12, 2015

Not the tallest, but one of the most iconic


These days, one would not consider the Flatiron Building a skyscraper, but when it was completed in 1902, this 22-story building was the first steel-framed skyscraper north of 14th street.


With its unique wedge shape, the Flatiron Building quickly became an attraction for photographers. Built as a soaring structure rising straightly into the sky, with the quiet beauty bathed in snow and evening light, this building was born to be iconic, edgy and modern. At the time, people either loved or hated the Flatiron Building, but just as Alfred Stieglitz said, “(It is) the bow of a monster steamer – a picture of a new America still in the making”.



- Peculiar Space, Unfading Charm


Only 6.5 feet wide at the vertex, with walls cutting through at a 25-degree acute angle, the Flatiron Building imposes interior decoration challenges to its tenants. With the exception of the first floor, the building is leased by Macmillan Publishers. “We’ve tried to use every nook and cranny, but you’re lucky if you get 70 percent of the floor space”, said Steve Cohen, chief operating officer for St. Martin’s.


Regardless of interior design challenges, tenants are obsessed with the Flatiron Building. “I never, never wanted to leave (this building),” said Matthew Shear, executive vice president at St. Martin’s. When sitting in one of the offices at the building’s apex, surrounded by a stunning and panoramic New York City, watching the Empire State light up, how could one refuse to fall in love with this building?


Arts, Entrepreneurship & Luxurious Life



The Flatiron Building enjoys great recognition in films. In the Spider-Man trilogy it was the headquarters of the Daily Bugle, at which Peter Parker was a freelance photographer. In Godzilla, the US Army destroyed it while in pursuit of Godzilla. In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was the location of the Channel 6 News headquarters where April O'Neil worked.




The “cowcatcher” space in front of the building, known as Flatiron Prow Artspace, now serves as one of the most exquisite galleries in the neighborhood. In 2013, the Artspace presented an impressive 3D installation of Edward Hopper’s masterpiece Nighthawks. Flatiron is where this iconic painting came to life.

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper (American 1882–1967)

© Filip Wolak, Courtesy of Photoshare

In the modern era, the Flatiron district has transformed into a myriad of arts, high-tech, entrepreneurship, and luxury real estate. Flatiron is one of the most desirable places to purchase a condo in Manhattan. Flatiron is an amalgamation of young designers, artists, writers, photographers, and tech entrepreneurs, creating consistent vibrancy, innovation and excitement in this historic neighborhood.






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10 Inspiring Rustic Meets Industrial Interior Design Concepts

Rustic meets Industrial.

A very popular up and coming design trend that has deep historical roots and brings design back to nature.

Below is a selection of interior design concepts that we believe embodies this aesthetic

1. Add Green

Interior design is always more appealing when plants and organics are incorporated. Adding plants not only provides a splash of color, but also has numerous health benefits including higher air quality.

2. Hanging Lights

We have a penchant for open living arrangements with high ceilings-- that said, incorporating hanging lights into the space adds both the wow factor and an underlying elegance. 

3. Organic Palatte

Man is ultimately from nature. Choosing an organic palatte rife with colors and textures witnessed in the natural world will add a heightened sense of well-being.

4. Large Windows

Large windows = more light. 

5. Old-World Furnishings

Choose elegant looking old world furnishings that have a focus on function. When designing the space place emphasis on muted neutral colors such as brown, sepia, cream, black, dark red, and dark green. Metallics such as steel and brass will also give the room a masculine feel. Bonus points will be awarded for having a wet bar or a decanter in the space.

6. Rainfall Shower

Prior to the advent of running water, our ancestors bathed in rivers, lakes, streams, and often summer rain. A large open shower with ceiling level rainfall would be an excellent addition to any contemporary bathroom.

7. Exposed Brick

Exposed brick is an excellent addition to any apartment or home. The deep red color makes the space feel warm and cozy. In addition, It is very easy to pair exposed brick with any kind of wood or metallic color schemes so this will fit in easily in an industrial living space.

8. Fresh Air

Without large windows or doors that can be opened, apartments run the risk of having stale air. Open up the windows or consider Juliette balconies to remedy this potential shortfall.

9. Multi-level

Having a multi-tiered living environment will not allow for a variety of interior design options.

10. Books

Books are knowledge, and nothing is more impressive than knowledge. 

Try adding some of these design components to your home today and see the immediate benefits to yourself, and your visitors!

Living life on the edge, literally

Renowned Greek architects OPA Works have created an innovative house design named 'Casa Brutale'.

OPA referrs to Casa Brutale as "... a geometrical translation of the landscape. It is an unclad statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture. It is a chameleonic living space, created to serve its owner and respect the environment. It is the inverted reference to Casa Malaparte, encased and protected by the tender earth that has hosted the human civilization for millennia. It is a complete study of aesthetics, structure, function and engineering..."

Simplified, Casa Brutele consists of three concrete slabs driven into the earth and cliffside which provide the home with structure and allow for the buildout of various levels and the rooms within. The crystalline pool, made of reinforced glass, allows an abundance of natural light to enter the residence. The massive glass facade appears run in tandem with the cliffside and provides panoramic views for miles. 

Casa Brutele is a tastefully candid yet aesthetically innovative piece of modern architecture - We hope to see it realized at some point in the near future.


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