R. Alexandre Herculano
Ownership:Income Property
  • Attended Lobby
  • Clubhouse
  • Concierge
  • Doorman
  • Full service
  • High Speed Internet
  • Laundry
  • New Development
  • Pool
  • Resident's Lounge
  • Roof Deck
  • Security Features
  • Swimming Pool
  • Virtual Doorman

Ando Living is a brand that offers high-quality residences in prime locations, catering to the practical and emotional needs of today's transient executive. The aim of Ando Living is to provide a home away from home, curating clubs, houses, and flats to ensure that residents have a taste of all the best things the city has to offer and feel the pride of the local neighbourhood.

Ando Living is not just for those seeking high-quality residences at prime locations; it is also for travellers who value quality hospitality. Modern travellers who would like to achieve efficient work and meaningful travel at the same time.

Currently, Ando Living is operating five houses in Lisbon and is expanding into other cities in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Dubai. Five new clubs and eight additional new houses have been signed in Lisbon, Porto, Alentejo, and Istanbul.

The heart of Ando Living is its clubs. They connect residents and locals to the neighbourhood and offer exclusive access to a range of facilities. These facilities include a restaurant, bar, café, concept store, rentable living rooms, gym, and pool. The aim of the club is to provide residents with exquisite hospitality and to help them feel part of the local community.

To raise the living standards in the city, Ando Living offers a personal assistance service. This service connects residents to a network of solution partners, ensuring that the assistance they need is always at their fingertips.

Houses are residence buildings centrally located with apartments designed and managed by Ando Living. Residents who stay in the houses are entitled to free access to the facilities of the clubs, which are usually within walking distance. They can spend their days in the clubs, where the swimming pool, garden, and gym are located.

Flats are curated by third parties but managed by Ando Living. They are scattered around the city and may be entire buildings or individual apartments, but all are special and centrally located. The residents of flats are also entitled to free access to the facilities of the clubs, usually within walking distance.

Concept hubs include a concept store with a selection from local designers, a take-away corner, a stylish restaurant & bar usually with a terrace or courtyard and a private dining room. Combining elements like food, culture, and commerce, an authentic experience can be created - a curated lifestyle characterised by the local culture.

Ando Living also offers living-working spaces, which merge the living and working environments to become the essentials of daily life. These spaces include rentable living rooms as well as a lounge and private phone booths. Specially designed private living rooms are always ready at the convenience of residents daily or for special occasions.

The wellness facilities at Ando Living include a fully equipped gym, and occasionally a pool and a spa. Residents thrive by maintaining their physical and mental consciousness in stylish, serene, and comfortable spaces.

The brand is designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers: progressive nomads (promads). Promads work, travel, and live transiently, experiencing new cultures and places. Travel, whether for work or pure pleasure, has taken on a new form. In search of genuine experiences in new cities, soaking up the juices of local specialities in crowded local bars, off the beaten track of traditional tourist.

The promad searches for real-life-moments to live and feel at home.

Ando Living Liberdade Club is located just a few steps away from the main and most prestigious boulevard of Lisbon, which connects Marquês de Pombal roundabout (the gateway to the city's business district) with the heart of Lisbon where one can find all of the city's top attractions. This club has 42 units, T1-T2, with prices ranging from 504.000€ to 1.004.000€

Unit floor beds bath area Price
Ando Living | Liberdade ClubFrom 1 to 2 BR€520,000 - €1,014,000
1A1st1 BR163M² (678 sq ft)€645,000
1D1st1 BR165M² (699 sq ft)€662,000
2A2nd1 BR163M² (678 sq ft)€662,000
2E2nd2 BR385M² (914 sq ft)€941,000
3B3rd1 BR147M² (505 sq ft)€533,000
3D3rd1 BR165M² (699 sq ft)€696,000
4A4th1 BR163M² (678 sq ft)€696,000
4D4th1 BR165M² (699 sq ft)€713,000
5B5th1 BR147M² (505 sq ft)€560,000
5E5th2 BR385M² (914 sq ft)€1,014,000
6A6th1 BR163M² (678 sq ft)€731,000
6E6th2 BR385M² (914 sq ft)€1,040,000
7C7th1 BR145M² (484 sq ft)€596,000
7E54M² (581 sq ft)€814,000