• Non-Doorman

Finding an apartment in the city can be stressfull. My priority is to make it easy as possible for clients. Tell me where you want to reside, your budget and when you are looking to move.
Over the years I have learned that by being honest with people will encourage them to do business with you. I am known to tell it like it is.
Most landlords require your income to be 40 times the rent or you will need a guarantor, last 2 pay stubs, picture ID, Credit check $50-75.00, bank statement and a job letter. If you are just starting a job or your credit is not the best it is important to inform because every landlord is different.
I often say to ask a lot of questions-you have to be comfortable in the place you are renting therefore find the agent who will answer your questions and this will be the one you want to work with.
Email or call me on my cell for an appointment.