1. Nest Seekers is one of a handful of firms that has successfully branched out to multiple high-density geographic markets and is fully licensed and operational throughout New York City, The Hamptons, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Miami, the Gold Coast of Long Island, London, Madrid and Seoul.

2. Unlike our competitors who insist on referrals when dealing with other regions, we strongly encourage our agents to openly share information with colleagues in other markets. In contrast to independently owned franchises, we are truly an independent network. Our vision focuses on achieving the highest optimization and most productive and successful modern agent to trade globally within our one roof in-house platform.

3. Nest Seekers quality lead generation is always at the forefront of our business operations. Powered by sophisticated and up to date technology, our distribution networks, market and advertising engine has a global reach, and visitor hits to our website come from all corners of the world. We are continually focused on increasing exposure to our agents listings. With almost two decades of innovation, relentless SEO, social media and more, our brand is known and highly respected across continents and is first in mind for buyers and investors across the globe.

4. At Nest Seekers we pride ourselves on our agent support model. This is achieved through a dedicated team comprising over 20% of our total operational staff that will guide you through sales support, marketing, administration, technology, and management.

5. A unique technological feature in operation at Nest Seekers is that Agents can log in to their dedicated desktop and VOIP phone from any office location through our state of the art, VMware and cloud based computing platform from anywhere in the world.

6. Of the larger firms, Nest Seekers is the only firm that is privately held and not backed by a public company or investment fund. Thus Nest Seekers is not encumbered by the slow-moving operations and decision making snares that our competitors experience.

7. Nest Seekers provides a relevant and practical training program that focuses on behavioral science, developing market knowledge, agent brand development and practical business plans. Our agents' tech dashboard is an industry leader in the continual adaptation of new technologies to an increasingly fast-paced sales environment.

8. Nest Seekers is the only firm in the world with multimedia exposure in over 100 countries through a variety of reality shows and circulated press materials which complement the unique brand exposure unmatched by any other real estate brand in the world. These syndicated shows and broadcast media include Million Dollar Listings NY, Shahs of Sunset, financial news programs and guest appearances on talk shows and round-table discussions.

9. Nest Seekers' proprietary mobile application is dedicated to innovating and optimizing the way brokerage services are provided by agents to their clients. The Nest Seekers app brands the independent agent as a sole point of contact to his or her clients by feeding real time listings direct, thereby eliminating information-aggregating and sharing.

10. With an experienced and innovative marketing team, Nest Seekers acts as a creative agency. It offers developers website developments and integration, advertising campaigns, video, photography, design and media plans with exceptional execution.

11. We produce high profile glossy publications, market reports and brochures and distribute throughout the regions we service and beyond. This includes our sales centers, direct mailers and key distribution centers. We never stop driving our brand forward and never stop delivering new business to our agents.

12. As we move forward, our mission is to focus on the continued development of our AI tech driven agents' dashboard and the globalization of the mid to high end real estate services model. We see the future clearly and we seek like-minded individuals who share our aspirations.

If you believe this fits your personal career aspirations, please contact us to schedule an interview.

Who we seek :

1. Like-minded individuals who understand that the role of an agent in today’s marketplace requires effective communication, an ability to adapt to an ever-changing tech savvy environment and a willingness to participate on a global stage.

2. Agents who understand the importance of a self-driving entrepreneurial spirit and are not afraid to step forward, brand forward and claim their unique place in the real estate industry.

3. We seek individuals who are forward thinking and are always on the lookout for new opportunities for expansion and professional growth. At Nest Seekers, our agents have a true opportunity to become not just a successful real estate agent, but can become part of the company to drive our brand into new markets and roll out and manage new office locations. We expect our agents to be strategic drivers of our global expansion plan.

4. Since technology has made it possible for individuals to access information from almost anywhere, this requires even more focus on incubating, brainstorming sharing of energy and information in office and sales centers environments. The fundamentals of business acumen still stand behind every great organization. We seek full-time, fully engaged self-promoting, hardworking current and future superstars.

5. Agents that share in our cultural values and principals including maintaining professional attire, courteous manners, innovative thinking, brand-conscientious , hard-working ethics, data-savvy and sophisticated negotiators.

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