1. Nest Seekers is one of a handful of real estate firms based out of NYC that has connected the corresponding Hamptons, Miami, and now LA to operations and brand.

2. Nest Seekers allow their agents to freely trade between those markets unlike its of competitors that force referring the business that limits its agents. It’s truly an independent network unlike other independently owned franchises.

3. Nest Seekers quality lead generation is always at the forefront. Powered by web-based technology resulting in a global reach of 200 countries, and a decade of innovations in SEO, and social media. Every agents listing is always marketed worldwide.

4. Nearly 10% of its staff is dedicated to sales support, marketing, administration, technology, and management.

5. Agents can log into their dedicated desktop and VOIP phone from any office location through our state of the art, VMware and cloud based computing platform.

6. Of the larger firms, Nest Seekers is the only firm that is privately held and not backed by a public company, investment fund or group. Additionally, it has no debt to burden its operations and cash flow.

7. Nest Seekers CEO and founder, while celebrating his 20th year in the industry is still considered the youngest CEO of the larger firms. He continues to lead with technology, innovation, and implementation with a global mindset.

8. The firm is licensed and operational in three states, while successfully active in the four primary and most desirable luxury markets in the US, London and Seoul. Feeding its agents an internal network of cross-market lead generation and customer relations.

9. A relevant, consistent, and ongoing training program in behavioral science. Its SYNC platform is an industry leader.

10. The only firm in the world with multimedia exposure in over 100 countries through international syndication of a number of reality shows and gurgitation of press machine that compliments that one of a kind brand exposure unmatched by any of the real estate brands in the world. These syndicated shows include Million Dollar Listings NY, Shahs of Sunset, financial news program, and endless guest appearances in other corresponding broadcasts.

11. Nest Seekers launched a mobile application dedicated to innovating the way brokerage services are provided to its clients through agents. The app brands the independent agent as a sole point of contact to his or her clients by feeding real time listings. Thereby eliminating information aggregating and sharing. By having this proprietary asset, Nest Seekers hopes to have the most efficient and best-equipped agents in the industry.

12. Nest Seekers has an experienced and sophisticated in-house marketing platform. It offers developers website integration, advertising campaigns, design, media plans, and execution as a creative agency.

13. As technology has evolved the way brokerages operate, certain fundamentals play an integral role in servicing agents, clients, and our brand. Therefore, 12 of the 14 storefront locations are on strategically placed main streets. Additionally, proprietary seasonal print publications are produced and distributed independently such as our recent almost 200 page collection of properties in the spotlight magazine.

14. Earlier this year, Nest Seekers launched an iPad-based standalone Listings Search Station that were strategically positioned on the ground in complementing locations of our storefronts. Nest Seekers hopes to implement hundreds more of these Listings Search Stations in executive airports and lounges, golf resorts, and high end dining establishments.