Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson


Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker


Licensed Susan Daniels-Anderson

587 Fifth Avenue 5th Floor New York, NY 10017



Born and bred in New York City, Susan grew up watching her parents design Manhattan's store themes, often feeling like the holidays came in July when they started the windows along Fifth, Madison and Macy's in their workshop. Susan developed a keen eye for interiors and flair for construction with the finest instructors which helped her immensely as a creative thinking Manhattan Broker and Corporate Relocator to clients such as Revlon and Paul McCartney.

Susan began her career in real estate during high school working summers as an intern. She amazed everyone with her very first showing resulting in a sale. She has a natural ability to match clients' wishes with the perfect property. Over the years she's worked in commercial real estate along with capital investors, real estate attorney's, title industry professionals, bankers, hedge funds, international developers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Engaging and confident, Susan draws people in immediately and her acute awareness of the industry makes her clients immediately feel at ease. Her reputation in the industry has led to many referrals and worldwide friendships.

A model from the age of 12, she acquired a zest for travel having jobs on location and calling several countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Canada home as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands. Yet, even with a wealth of travel under her belt and exposure to many cultures, Susan remains grounded in her native Manhattan!

While earning Degrees in Psychology, Advertising and Broadcast Journalism and graduating Summa Cum Laude she started her Masters in Business at NYU,. She worked in the sports television industry gaining clients as she kept her license active and sold homes to friends and colleagues. Her gift for multi-tasking led Susan to new heights managing San Pietro then Cipriani's on Fifth Avenue, further broadening her client base. Married Six time Stanley Cup Winner and Ice Hockey Hall of Famer Glenn Anderson. Together they have a beautiful daughter, honor student and actor Autumn Kristy Anderson, who as a younger child delivered the internationaly televised Hall of Fame Speech. (click on link)

Vinny LaPuma
Vinny LaPuma

A native of Queens, NY, Vinny grew up in working middle class family. Hard work and earning your privileges was an everyday necessity. Involved in sports since youth, he learned the value of team work, as well as what it took to succeed as on an individual level. He quickly learned that working hard would get you past half of your competition, they other half was discipline, knowledge and the ability to work with others.

After attending private catholic school through high school, Vinny earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from CUNY Queens College in Flushing, NY. The monotonous routine of accounting quickly became apparent to Vinny and he transitioned into the sales field as a licensed property and casualty insurance agent. Along with a childhood friend, they started an insurance business from scratch at the age of 23. 11 years later, their insurance business is thriving, so much so that it allowed Vinny to take a leap into the real estate industry in 2012 without sacrificing his insurance business.

Knowledge is Power.

Immediately drawn to the NYC townhouse market, but having no experience in sales, Vinny knew in order to get a shot he needed to have knowledge. While getting by renting apartments, he spent the two years researching every aspect of the NYC townhouse market. From sales history, to market trends, to single family conversions he knew that every detail was extremely important, down to the width and lot size of each home. He regularly visited townhouse open houses and spent hours dissecting the home down to the most minimal detail. His break finally came with the sale of 38 West 87th Street just off Central Park West in April 2015. After being listed with a “townhouse broker” for two years, Vinny was able to secure the listing and the home was sold in three months! He credits his research of townhouses and his persistent (not pushy) relationship with the owners.

Understanding Client Needs.

Having since worked with both buyers and sellers, Vinny knows that the key to working with both buyers and sellers is understanding their needs and expectations:

“Many brokers think they are ‘thinking outside of the box’ when they present their buyer or seller with something they didn’t ask for. To me, that’s just wasting time: your time, buyer or sellers time, and another brokers time. To be effective, you need to listen, understand, and execute for your client. This is extremely important in the buying and selling process for a broker.”

Vinny believes being upfront with clients. “If you’re not, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.”


Over the years, Vinny has achieved both success and has gained the trust of many of his peers when it comes to townhouses. He is regularly consulted with within the firm on townhouse listings. In addition, he’s become friendly with many of the top townhouse brokers in NYC which in turn makes sales process much easier whether he’s on the buy sided or sell side. He is regularly considered for townhouse listings on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and has recently stepped into the Upper East Side Market as well.

Contact Vinny for all your townhouse needs!


October 2015 A Profitable Flip on the Upper West Side

Alban Mecaj
Alban Mecaj
Alban Mecaj was born in Tirana, Albania and moved to New York City at the young age of fourteen years old. He began working in restaurants and learning and absorbing the real estate industry. After thirteen years in New York, Alban's hard work and dedication was recognized and he was given the opportunity to open and manage a new start-up fine dining restaurant in Miami, Florida. With his passion and unique business approach, Alban successfully turned an empty lot into the number one restaurant in Miami and top ten in the country, Seaspice Restaurant. Alban was then recognized and awarded by Zagat “30 Under 30 Rockstars Redefining the Industry.”
​ Alban works with clients of all real estate needs with a specialty of restaurant real estate and consulting. Whether a person is a first time homebuyer, or a client opening a new restaurant, Alban will provide you with his undivided attention and will help comfort and walk you through the entire buying and selling process. Speaking four languages English, Albanian, Spanish and Italian, he has excellent communication skills and has built life long relationships with each and every client. Alban's unparalleled professionalism, knowledge and love of restaurants and real estate coupled with his drive and passion make him a unique force in the industry.
Jack Prizzi
Jack Prizzi

Jack has owned a home in Sag Harbor since 1982. A few years ago, he and his wife moved from Manhattan to take up full time residence in Sag Harbor. He is very sensitive to this special place and is interested in preserving the culture, the natural environment and spirit of community of the east end. Jack is also a member of New York State Realtors Association as well as a member of the Board of Directors of HANFRA, the Hamptons and North Fork Realtors Association.

Jack’s approach in his real estate business is to build relationships rather than just complete transactions. His objective is to assist sellers, buyers, landlords and renters however possible so that they each achieve their objectives. He strives to learn the likes and dislikes of his clients and customers; their attitudes about living spaces; and their thoughts about their present situation and future desires. He makes it a point to spend sufficient time and effort to accomplish his objectives for clients and customers alike.

Prior to real estate, Jack had a career in industry and financial services. He founded CoE Associates, LLC, a firm engaged in corporate development through mergers and acquisitions, internal growth and licensing. He started his career with engineering positions at DuPont and NASA on Project Mercury; then in operating management and sales positions at PPG Industries; venture capital with Alan Patricof Associates; investment banking with DNC America and Heller Financial; and private equity with Harvest Partners.

He served in the U.S. Army Air Defense (Surface to Air Guided Missiles) on both active and reserve duty attaining the reserve rank of Captain. He received a BS in Chemistry degree from VMI, where he was a Distinguished Military Graduate. He also earned a Masters degree in Physical Chemistry and an MBA from the Darden School, both from the University of Virginia, where he became and remains today a member of its prestigious Raven Society (

He is a member of the American Chemical Society and The Association for Corporate Growth and, he served on the Board of Directors of several private companies, plus The Meridian Resource Corporation, listed on the NYSE, and on its compensation and audit committees.

Active in the community, he is a member of the US and New York Sail and Power Squadrons, organizations dedicated to boating safety through education, and holds the grade of Senior Navigator. He is currently Chairman of the Celestial Navigation course and served as chairman of the Sail course. He held memberships in the New York Athletic Club and its Quarter Century Club as well as the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce.

Maria Saccone
Maria Saccone

​Representing investors and future homeowners, specializing in New York and Miami luxury homes, Maria’s creative, enthusiastic, and caring nature is perfect for matching each client’s desires as well as skillfully featuring a home’s unique presence and character.

While she is a strong negotiator and advocate for her clients, she is just as much a compassionate, friendly, humorous partner who eases a process that can often be quite stressful. Her comfort level spans serving everyone from high-profile clients and foreign investors to individuals or families looking to find their perfect home.

Born in Italy and raised in Poland, prior to entering real estate she earned a Master of Social and Political Sciences in 1999 from University of Gdansk.

Nishant Sethi
Nishant Sethi

Nishant’s Double Mission as an agent is to ensure a stress-free transaction and a lasting client relationship. His passion for helping people find homes began in Long Island where he worked in real estate, and evolved further in NYC, the most unique market in the world.
Nish is an extreme people person with an optimistic attitude, responsible nature and strong service ethic. He knows the market well, and as an investor himself, is always cognizant of the fact that real estate is both a smart investment and lifetime asset that offers the best value for your dollar.

Nish understands numbers as well as he does people. He always delivers honest, analytical, well-researched guidance so you can make informed, confident decisions whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell property. “Successful investing involves buying and selling at the right time. "I look forward to being your advisor and partner to ensure you the best results.”

Nish has a Bachelor degree in Accounting. He works extensively with US and International clients, seeking the right home and neighborhood for their needs.

Relationships are everything to Nish, who is extremely social and well connected. Personally he is a sport enthusiast and big believer in charity work for the world through Save The Children.

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5 E 44th St Apt: 6 B

325 Lexington Avenue

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