Andrew Jhun
Andrew T Jhun

Andrew graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania. He received his MPA from Columbia University and has completed his Juris Doctorate.

Andrew is well versed in residential real estate in New York and he also has been working in commercial and residential real estate in New Jersey for 15 years. His mission is to put his client's needs first and it is his passion to help clients find the home of their dreams. He works hard with due diligence and puts every effort in making sure his clients achieve their objectives whether it is to find the perfect home, apartment or investment in the greatest city in the world.

Andrew has over 10 years experience in real estate management, development and asset management.

Andrew has worked with clients from all over the world. He also has a strong interest in green building, and has a keen focus for clients whose primary goal is investing and living the American dream.

He is also fluent in Spanish and Korean. He has a very good working relationship with diverse clients. He is ready to work for his clients needs and their wants. He avails himself to their every real estate needs.

Andy H. Kim
Andy H. Kim

Andy Kim established the Kim Team in 2011, paving the way to becoming a global leader in the real estate industry.

Andy’s comprehensive understanding of the industry, incomparable experience across an array of markets, and remarkable negotiation skills have landed him success in the markets of condominiums, co-ops, new developments, and commercial real estate both in the US and internationally.

With 18 years of experience in the industry, Andy has accumulated over a billion dollars in transactions and leads a team that has totaled the same in sales. The secret to the success of the Kim Team, which brings forth over 35 years of real estate experience, is each member’s comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of various markets.

Gaining the respect and trust of a lengthy list of clientele, the Kim Team’s invaluable marketing and sales experience offers a one-stop shop to their elite buyers and sellers. Agents and brokers on the team work together to make sure each client is armed with valuable insights and approach each case with a unique strategy built to match the client’s needs.

Andy spends much of his time in Manhattan and manages the Nest Seekers office on Riverside Boulevard. His drive, commitment, and diligence lead a team that’s globally recognized for high-quality and dedicated service.

When he’s not working, Andy is spending time with his family. He believes the key to success is the ability to work hard while finding the time to enjoy the priceless things in life.

Caroline Kim
Caroline Kim

Caroline Kim

specializes in finding new homes for many clients who are relocating from other parts of the world to the New York City area. Her clients appreciate that she understands searching for a new home in the Big Apple can be stressful as well as time consuming - especially if you are not familiar with the city.

Caroline herself has moved numerous times; therefore, knows the legwork that is required when finding a new home within a competitive metropolitan. A former resident of Australia and South Korea, she now resides with her family here in the Upper West side.

Her diligent and thorough efforts to respectfully satisfy her clients’ needs are well received. As a lifelong learner, she is continuously investing her time to stay current with market trends and industry developments. Caroline respects the commitment of the agent/client relationship as a long term endeavor in purchasing a home or an investment property that could potentially be one of her client’s largest investments of a lifetime.

Caroline holds a design management degree as a graduate of Hong ik University where she learned to think outside of the box with a creative perspective. She began her career in the design industry at Disney where she worked as a product designer. Her creative knowledge combined with her project management skills offer her clients a greater value to their properties and marketing materials.

Kyle Kim
Kyle Kim

As a real estate professional with Nest Seekers, Kyle represents a vast range of buyers, sellers and renters in New York City, NY. He has a particular focus on the neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen.

Kyle brings to clients a valuable skill set, developed and honed during his previous marketing work for one of top electronics & manufacturing companies in the world. These skills have translated flawlessly to his current work in residential real estate sales and rentals. They assist him in utilizing the latest technology and market analytics in order to achieve superior results on behalf of each of his clients, imparting each of them with a well-earned sense of professionalism and importance.

Not only does he believe in building strong and lasting relationships, but he understands the value in sharing knowledge and creating a lasting happiness in the pursuit of finding the perfect home. Kyle understands the profound impact that owning a home can have and prides himself on listening to, acknowledging and anticipating his client's needs and concerns.

Kyle was born in Seoul, South Korea and is proud to call Hell’s Kitchen his home. He is bilingual, being fluent in both English and Korean. Outside of the office, he is an enthusiastic world traveler, visiting countries on every continent and experiencing as much as he can.

Leia Kim
Leia Kim

Leia is a seasoned Associate Broker with 20+ years of experience in Real Estate. Leia has expertise in commercial market (corporate, commercial leasing and retail) and the residential market (development and buy/sell). She has a keen knowledge of real estate asset investment industry from the buy/sell perspective with a strong understanding and knowledge.

Leia works in deal sourcing and private placements in commercial and residential real estate, investment opportunities in gateway cities with asset managers, and private equity venture capital investors. She also advises fortune 500 companies in commercial leasing consulting. Leia studied at Parsons School of Design and Columbia University

Henry Kwak
단국대학교, 중앙일보 그리고 건설회사에서 20여년간,
사원에서 임원까지 직장생활을 경험했습니다.
이제는 그간의 노하우를 기반으로 지금 이 길을 걷고 있습니다.
그것은 어떤 도시의 과거와 현재 모습, 발전과정
그리고 그 속에 사람에 대한 공감과 이해입니다.
그 정점에 뉴욕이 자리하고 있습니다.
뉴욕의 콘도, 상가, 오피스, 호텔 등 다양한 Property를 소개하는 에이전트입니다.
한국 고객을 위해 서울과 뉴욕을 오가며 안내하고 있습니다.
한국의 중요한 개인자산을 잘 보존하는 방법 중에 하나가
세계속의 강남인 뉴욕 맨해튼에 작은 것이라도
하나쯤은 투자해놓아야 한다는 것입니다.
10년후 20년후에 평가해본다면
서울 요지에 묻어둔 부동산에 비해 절대 뒤지지않을 것으로 보입니다.
개인의 자산을 잘 보존하는 것은 우리 자신은 물론,
부진한 한국 경제속에서 국가적으로도 상당히 의미있는 일입니다.
특히 유대인들의 부동산투자와 자산관리를 보면서 느낀 점입니다.
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee

리사 리는 한국어와 영어를 동시에 구사하는 풍부한 경험을 갖춘 부동산
프로페셔널이다. 최고의 클라이언트들에게 최상의 서비스를 제공해 이미 많은
클라이언트들에게 사랑 받고 있는 그녀는 맨하튼과 롱아일랜드 시티 등의 뉴
컨스트럭션 콘도와 맨하튼 전역과 아스토리아 등의 다양한 코압 세일즈를
담당하고 있다. 아울러 뉴욕커뿐만 아니라, 한국에서 갓 유학와 크레딧이 없는
학생들이나, 뉴욕 부동산 사정에 어두운 비지니스맨들을 위한 맞춤형 렌트도
다양하게 취급하고 있다.
모든 클라이언트들이 각기 다른 직업과 백그라운드를 가지고 있듯이 원하는
아파트 또한 다양하다는 점을 잘 알고 있는 그녀는 클라이언트들의 취향과 제정
상태, 신분에 맞추어 최고의 수익성과 안정성을 고려하여 개개인에게 맞는
아파트를 찾는 데에 주력하고 있다.
그녀는 10년이 넘는 저널리스트로서의 경력을 자랑한다. 그리하여, 한국뿐만
아니라, 뉴욕 최고의 배우, 쉐프, 아티스트들과의 인터뷰뿐만 아니라,
레스토랑과 호텔, 지역별 다양한 쇼핑 공간 등 뉴욕 곳곳의 다양한 문화와
볼거리, 먹거리 등을 한국의 잡지에 제공하고 있다.
그녀의 활기차고 진취적인 일상을 바탕으로 2007년에는 <나만의
뉴욕(시공사)>이라는 뉴욕 가이드 책을 발간하기도 했다. 현재, 한국의 주요
서점뿐만 아니라, 포털 사이트에서 절찬리에 판매되고 있다. 누구보다도 다양한
경험을 바탕으로 소셜 네트워크를 자랑하며 뉴욕 구석구석을 분석하고 소개하고
리사 리는 뉴욕 시티 유니버시티인 헌터 칼리지에서 미디어 저널리즘을
공부했으며, 여행과 하이킹, 그리고 사진 찍기를 즐긴다.

Henna Joori Lim

뉴욕 부동산 계약절차는 복잡할 뿐만 아니라 한국의 부동산 계약절차와 매우 다릅니다.

정주리는 글로벌 부동산 에이전시 Nestseekers 에서현지 부동산시장 사정에 익숙하지 않은 고객님들께 원활하고 안전한 부동산 거래를 하실 수 있도록 부동산 계약과정 진행에 있어 처음부터 마지막까지 All in One 서비스를 제공하는검증된 뉴욕 부동산 전문 브로커입니다.

한국에서 고등학교를 졸업 후 미국대학으로 진학하여 의사소통에 원활함은 물론,맨하튼에 거주하며 현지의 빠른 부동산시장 정보를 정확한 통계치와 마켓 분석 데이트를 통한 전문적인 지식을 바탕으로

이해 및 통찰 할 수 있습니다. 따라서 각각의 고객님에 따른 필요와 목적에 맞는 매매, 임대, 투자 및 변호사, 대출 서비스 소개 등의 다양한 맞춤형 서비스를 제공해 드릴 수 있습니다.

항상 고객이 믿고 맡길 수 있어야 한다는 신조로 고객님들과 끊임없이 소통하며 책임을 다하여 성공적인 결과로 이끌어 드리겠습니다.

언제든, 무엇이든 궁금한 것이 있다면 연락주세요!

Kelly Moon
Kelly Moon

Everyone knows that location is important, but Kelly understands that it is not the only factor in making a house a home. Kelly is dedicated to not only finding clients their dream home but to treat people with heart. She knows that the search can be stressful and draining, yet with the right agent, the experience can be exciting and smooth, as it should be. She is god listeners and strong communicator who brings positive energy and superior service to every client's transaction.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Kelly graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City. She loves New York’s diversity, cultural landscape. She lived in Japan, Boston, and New York with Her experience has awarded her with the skills of effective communication and patience, and she is confident that her personality is perfectly suited to the people friendly real estate market. She has an intimate understanding of both the Buyer and Owner sides of the table and is a fierce negotiator, always protecting her client’s interests. The quality of service and due diligence that Kelly provides for her clients has earned her both company and client praise. Kelly prides herself on the integrity she brings to the business, and her deft and honest approach eases her client's experience by providing confidence for a smooth process through their real estate sale, purchase, or rental.

Jeffrey S Oh

Having lived in various boroughs and neighborhoods all over New York City, Jeffrey brings a wealth of diverse experiences and knowledge to the table. Taking each client’s individual needs into consideration, he tailors his approach to ensure his clients have the best experience possible. He has a background containing 15 years entrepreneurship, most recently eight years of owning a business which was sold. He has experience in acting, modeling, retail and law which has provided him the ability to think quickly on his feet and provide creative, out-of-the-box solutions when it comes to marketing and sales.

He is thrilled to be a member of the Nestseekers team and to bring his real estate passions to life. Currently dual licensed in NY & NJ.

In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys cooking, stand-up comedy and spending time with his rescue dog, Waffles. He currently resides in the Upper West Side.

Krisha Park
Krisha Park

“우리의 사랑이 변함없이 늘 머무르는 곳은

바로 소중한 우리집’입니다.

우리의 발은 잠시 그 곳을 떠날 수 있지만,

우리의 마음은 영원히 우리집’을 떠날 수 없습니다. ”

"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts."

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

위 인용문을 보시고, 저를 별 볼일 없는 로맨티스트쯤으로 여기셔도 좋습니다. 하지만 저는, 집이란 모든 이에게 가장 편안하고 완벽한 휴식처인 동시에 창조적인 삶의 원천적인 에너지를 무한히 재충전할 수 있는 아주 특별한 곳이어야 한다고 생각합니다.

이런 소중한 집을 찾는 중요한 시기에 저는 당신의 눈과 귀와 손과 발, 그리고 바로 당신의 마음이 되어 당신의 취향에 꼭 맞는즐거운 나의 집’을 찾는 기쁨과 감동의 순간까지 성실하게 함께 할 것을 약속드립니다.

잠시 저의 경력을 말씀드리겠습니다.

저는 Multiple High-end Luxury Brand들의 Public Relations and Advertising분야에서 오랫동안 일해왔습니다.

특별히, Gucci에서 한국 전문 PR을 담당하여, 한국 본점(Gucci flagship store) 오픈부터 출발하여 차례차례 한국내 30개의 분점을 열어가던 기간동안, 저에게는 세계곳곳 각계각층의 다양한 사람들을 만나는 기회가 주어졌는데, 이때 저는 모든 사람들의 서로 다른 취향은 그들만의 아주 특별한 집으로 나타난다는 것을 알게 되었습니다. 이러한 생각은 제가 Manhattan과 주변지역의 고급주택단지와 아파트들을 개발하는3D computer graphics company 에서 일하면서 더욱 확고해지고 깊어졌습니다.

저의 이런 경력과 경험이 당신에게 어떤 의미가 있을까요?

정말 훌륭한 부동산 대리인은 최고의 결혼중매인과 같습니다. 저에게는 체계적이고 조직적인 서비스를 제공하는 회사의 첨단 시스템과 부동산매매에 관련된 모든 문제를 일사불란하게 처리하는 실제능력, 그리고 무엇보다 중요한 것으로, 당신의 마음을 이해하고 당신과 시선을 같이 하여 소중한 당신만의 집을 찾아낼 수 있는 풍부한 경험과 열정이 있습니다.

home sweet home’을 찾으십니까?

지금 바로 연락주십시오.