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Magnificent Studio apartments in the center of the  "Portuguese Venice", Aveiro, Portugal€130,000 - €145,000
The Visconde Santarém Apartments | Central Lisbon€410,000 - €950,000
One Bedroom Apartment in Lisbon's Luxury District€880,000
New Luxury Development | Campo de Ourique€895,000 - €1,850,000
Suite in an award winning resort in Algarve€1,295,000
Unique Villa in Algarve€4,500,000
The most exclusive neighborhood in São Paulo$3,000,000
Multi-use commercial ground-floor unit in Saldanha€1,100,000
Investment Opportunity in Pipa, Brazil$200,000
Tropical luxury on a solid investment in Taíba$160,000
Amazing property with private harbor in Florianópolis€900,000
Jurerê Internacional in Santa Catarina, Brazil€1,100,000
Investment opportunity, buy to let in FortalezaAvailable upon request
The best commercial development in FortalezaAvailable upon request
Duque 70, Lisbon in all it’s majesty.€780,000
Duque 70, Lisbon in all it’s majesty.€975,000
Twin Villas facing Douro River in Porto | Plot for construction€300,000
Luxury condo facing Douro River in Porto€1,000,000
Cinematographic view next to BrasíliaAvailable upon request
Investment opportunity in tropical Ceará$150,000
Santiago Vineyard Estate in Arrabida Natural Park€2,400,000
Contemporary design nested on a tropical beach in Brazil$180,000
In one of the best streets to live in Portugal, Rua dos Cravos, a unique villa in a very special condominium€1,150,000
Unique Development For Those Who Prefer Surface, And Tranquility at the South Bank of Lisbon€345,000
Apartment in one of the most exclusive developments in Gaia, Porto€855,000
Apartment in Recoleta, Buenos Aires most aristocratic neighborhood$650,000
Tropical beach front property in Santa Catarina$1,600,000
Beautiful 1 bedroom apartment in the heart of Lisbon | Rossio€790,000
Apartments in the centre of Lisbon | Rua Augusta€840,000 - €1,350,000
Unique architectural character in Douro’s River mouth€325,000
Pine Ocean Villa in Marinha Guincho€1,150,000
Plot 25 in Marinha Guincho€1,450,000
The Terraces in Algarve€1,500,000
Luxury modern construction blended with nature in a exclusive resort near Lisbon€1,450,000
A Nest to breathe just one hour away from Lisbon€1,350,000
216 found