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105 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$630,000
155 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$15,000
207 VAN VORST ST Commercial New Jersey$11,563
132 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$10,000
103-TH SHEARWATER CT EAST New Jersey$8,000
359 GROVE ST Commercial New Jersey$7,500
301 GROVE ST New Jersey$7,500
2 2ND ST New Jersey$7,000
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD New Jersey$6,995
114 BRUNSWICK ST Commercial New Jersey$5,850
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,500
10 PROVOST ST New Jersey$5,400
39 MERCER ST New Jersey$5,200
312 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$5,250
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$5,000
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,950
201 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$4,850
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,850
20 NEWPORT PARKWAY New Jersey$4,700
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,650
235 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,550
389 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$4,500
367 3RD ST New Jersey$4,495
105 GREENE ST New Jersey$4,350
389 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$4,200
206 WASHINGTON ST Commercial New Jersey$4,200
159 1/2 COLES ST New Jersey$4,250
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,100
124 MERCER ST New Jersey$4,100
158 WAYNE ST New Jersey$3,995
68 MORRIS ST New Jersey$3,975
212 3RD ST New Jersey$3,850
235 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$3,850
489 JERSEY AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,800
201 LUIS M MARIN BLVD New Jersey$3,800
65 2ND ST New Jersey$3,800
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