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126 DUDLEY ST Condo New Jersey$699,000
407 3RD ST Condo New Jersey$599,000
284 4TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$1,695,000
323.5 1ST ST New Jersey$7,000
16 BRIGHT ST New Jersey$6,800
159 2ND ST New Jersey$6,600
25 PARK LANE SOUTH New Jersey$6,500
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$6,500
235 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$6,450
289 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$6,000
2 2ND AVE New Jersey$6,000
235 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$5,950
83 BRIGHT ST New Jersey$5,500
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$5,500
1 2ND ST New Jersey$5,500
20 2ND ST New Jersey$5,500
105 GREENE ST New Jersey$5,350
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,000
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,000
334 BARROW ST New Jersey$4,950
317 VARICK ST New Jersey$4,950
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$4,900
20 2ND ST New Jersey$4,900
232 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,849
114 BRUNSWICK ST Commercial New Jersey$4,850
1 2ND ST New Jersey$4,750
340 GROVE ST New Jersey$4,700
20 SADDLEWOOD CT New Jersey$4,675
2 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,600
2 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,500
301 GROVE ST Commercial New Jersey$4,500
16 BRIGHT ST New Jersey$4,500
81 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$4,500
340 GROVE ST New Jersey$4,500
235 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,400
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,400
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