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105 GREENE ST Condo New Jersey$479,998
207 VAN VORST ST Commercial New Jersey$12,827
207 VAN VORST ST Commercial New Jersey$11,563
301 GROVE ST Commercial New Jersey$10,000
132 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$10,000
No photo available
239 4TH ST New Jersey$7,975
2 2ND ST New Jersey$8,000
159 2ND ST New Jersey$7,295
174 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$6,700
21 WAYNE ST New Jersey$6,000
289 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$5,695
334 BARROW ST New Jersey$5,200
38 MERCER ST New Jersey$5,250
20 2ND ST New Jersey$5,150
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$4,600
290 4TH ST New Jersey$4,400
232 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,400
283 7TH ST New Jersey$4,250
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,350
20 NEWPORT PARKWAY New Jersey$4,200
232 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,200
280 5TH ST New Jersey$4,175
232 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,200
341 GROVE ST New Jersey$4,200
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$3,990
46 MERCER ST New Jersey$4,000
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$4,000
318 7TH ST New Jersey$4,000
291 VARICK ST New Jersey$4,000
8 ERIE ST New Jersey$3,800
No photo available
48-50 WEST HAMILTON PL New Jersey$3,750
313.5 4TH ST New Jersey$3,650
126 MERCER ST New Jersey$3,800
532 JERSEY AVE New Jersey$3,700
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