JC, Downtown

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18 1/2 WEST HAMILTON PL New Jersey$6,500
23 CHAPEL AVE Commercial New Jersey$6,156
99 HUDSON ST New Jersey$5,900
282 GRAND ST Commercial New Jersey$5,500
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,500
313 7TH ST New Jersey$5,200
99 HUDSON ST New Jersey$5,200
321 GROVE ST Commercial New Jersey$5,000
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,000
2 2ND ST New Jersey$5,000
2 2ND ST New Jersey$4,900
99 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,800
177 YORK ST Commercial New Jersey$4,700
20 2ND ST New Jersey$4,700
99 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,500
20 2ND ST New Jersey$4,500
2 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,300
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,300
371 4TH ST New Jersey$4,250
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,300
10 PROVOST ST New Jersey$4,150
35 HUDSON ST New Jersey$4,183
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$4,150
304 PAVONIA AVE New Jersey$4,000
110 HOBOKEN AVE New Jersey$3,875
1 SHORE LANE New Jersey$3,800
102 YORK ST New Jersey$3,850
110 HOBOKEN AVE New Jersey$3,765
77 HUDSON ST New Jersey$3,800
88 MORGAN ST New Jersey$3,700
225 BAY ST New Jersey$3,650
461.5 JERSEY AVE New Jersey$3,600
225 BAY ST New Jersey$3,600
298 BARROW ST New Jersey$3,600
195 YORK ST New Jersey$3,500
316 8TH ST New Jersey$3,500
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