JC, Heights

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288 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$6,850
502 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$4,400
30 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,050
47 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$3,850
535 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,750
648 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$3,500
326 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,500
496 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$3,400
3572 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$3,500
292 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$3,500
68 CHARLES ST New Jersey$3,250
326 PATERSON RD New Jersey$3,500
111 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$3,150
8 CONGRESS ST New Jersey$3,050
942 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$3,000
265 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$2,000
115 NORTH ST New Jersey$2,200
198 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,000
3712 JOHN F KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$2,400
112 PROSPECT ST New Jersey$2,850
26 MILTON AVE New Jersey$2,500
311 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,200
560 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,500
9 SANFORD PL New Jersey$2,100
89 POPLAR ST New Jersey$2,200
21 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,200
1165 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$2,000
35 LAIDLAW AVE New Jersey$2,800
349 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$2,200
440 BALDWIN AVE New Jersey$2,150
9 WAVERLY ST New Jersey$2,200
295 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$2,000
606 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,500
115 PATERSON ST New Jersey$2,495
90 BOORAEM AVE New Jersey$2,600
412 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$2,900
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