JC, Heights

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363 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,000
247 GRIFFITH ST New Jersey$2,500
91 RESERVOIR AVE New Jersey$2,300
80 BOWERS ST New Jersey$2,100
145 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,100
376 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$2,980
475 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$2,050
76 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,550
151 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,250
151 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,450
41 HOPKINS AVE New Jersey$2,300
No photo available
207 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$2,300
No photo available
1168 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,400
16 WESTERN AVE New Jersey$2,000
64 BOWERS ST New Jersey$3,100
191 GRIFFITH ST New Jersey$2,700
87 WAVERLY ST New Jersey$3,700
183 CONGRESS ST New Jersey$2,000
590 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,000
155 MANHATTAN AVE New Jersey$2,100
60 COLUMBIA AVE New Jersey$2,500
28 BEACH ST New Jersey$2,000
151 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,100
332 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,350
136 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,100
76 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,150
223 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,150
49 SHERMAN PL New Jersey$2,200
23 RAVINE AVE New Jersey$2,200
292 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$3,500
335 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$2,400
413 PALISADE AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
413 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,000
30 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,050
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