JC, Heights

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592-596 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$12,000
580 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$9,950
404 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$6,500
323 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$5,500
366 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$5,000
196 CAMBRIDGE AVE New Jersey$4,000
452 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,000
105 SOUTH ST New Jersey$3,950
382A CENTRAL AVE Retail New Jersey$4,000
526 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,800
338 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$4,095
215 CAMBRIDGE AVE New Jersey$3,500
148 GRACE ST New Jersey$3,200
237 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
136 OAKLAND AVE New Jersey$2,169
260 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,000
243 NORTH ST New Jersey$2,100
54 GRAHAM ST New Jersey$2,200
41 HOPKINS AVE New Jersey$2,400
506 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,400
9 CONCORD ST New Jersey$2,000
1074-1080 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
359 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,300
671 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,750
103 BOWERS ST New Jersey$2,800
11 THORNE ST New Jersey$2,500
114 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$2,200
211 MANHATTAN AVE New Jersey$2,000
514 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,050
334 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$2,000
204 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$2,000
100 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,200
100 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,200
105 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$2,750
394 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,200
157 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$2,250
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