JC, Heights

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580-596 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$93,900
592-596 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$15,525
598-602 TONNELLE AVE Commercial New Jersey$10,124
288 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$6,500
230 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$3,900
291 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,800
413 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$3,600
487 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,600
3651 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$3,495
116 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$3,500
262 NORTH ST New Jersey$3,500
487 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,400
496 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$3,300
326 PATERSON RD New Jersey$3,500
64 BEACH ST New Jersey$2,550
71 NORTH ST New Jersey$2,400
399 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,500
101 CONGRESS ST New Jersey$2,000
117 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$2,475
91 FERRY ST New Jersey$2,000
237 TERRACE AVE New Jersey$2,400
249 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,000
33 BEACH ST New Jersey$2,250
214 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,750
12 TERRACE AVE New Jersey$2,100
571 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,400
239 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,450
421 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,700
642 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,150
102 WESTERN AVE New Jersey$2,500
100 MANHATTAN AVE New Jersey$2,295
277 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,300
947 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$2,000
277 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,300
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