JC, Heights

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22 CHARLES ST Condo New Jersey$394,000
218 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$10,000
218 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$6,000
218 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$6,000
3572 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$6,090
323 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$6,000
294 PATERSON PLANK RD New Jersey$5,500
366 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$5,000
364 CENTRAL AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,900
62 HANCOCK ST Commercial New Jersey$4,500
338 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$4,095
338 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$4,095
219 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$3,600
487 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$3,600
134 CONGRESS ST New Jersey$3,600
266 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$3,500
266 OGDEN AVE New Jersey$3,500
89 PROSPECT ST New Jersey$3,450
523 PALISADE AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,500
96 SHERMAN AVE New Jersey$3,300
5 HANCOCK AVE New Jersey$3,300
326 SIP AVE New Jersey$3,300
51 WESTERN AVE New Jersey$3,300
179 WEBSTER AVE New Jersey$3,400
99 LEONARD ST New Jersey$3,250
31 SPRUCE ST New Jersey$3,200
700 GROVE ST New Jersey$3,175
141 BEACH ST New Jersey$3,200
3204 KENNEDY BLVD Retail New Jersey$3,200
104 THORNE ST New Jersey$3,200
212 HUTTON ST New Jersey$3,000
43 MANHATTAN AVE New Jersey$3,000
59 WEBSTER AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
1074-1080 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
189 TERRACE AVE New Jersey$2,200
907 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$2,400
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