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574 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$11,670
898 BERGEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$5,000
900 BERGEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,500
600 PAVONIA AVE Commercial New Jersey$4,300
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$3,115
44 TRENTON ST New Jersey$3,000
75 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$3,000
2815 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$3,000
36 JONES ST Commercial New Jersey$3,000
34 WALDO AVE New Jersey$3,000
134 CLIFTON PL New Jersey$2,000
525 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,300
61 STUYVESANT AVE New Jersey$2,500
28 VROOM ST New Jersey$2,400
28 VROOM ST New Jersey$2,400
201 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,300
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,677
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,169
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,815
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,354
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,146
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,862
22 CLIFF ST New Jersey$2,500
29-31 COURT HOUSE PL New Jersey$2,200
55 JORDAN AVE New Jersey$2,654
260 FAIRMOUNT AVE New Jersey$2,100
316 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$2,300
15-17 GIFFORD AVE New Jersey$2,150
45 CLIFTON PL New Jersey$2,195
243A SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$2,100
845 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,400
845 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,400
4 BEACON WAY New Jersey$2,095
112 CLENDENNY AVE New Jersey$2,150
59 GARDNER AVE New Jersey$2,650
59 GARDNER AVE New Jersey$2,600
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