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4 JORDAN AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,500
911 BERGEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$5,500
155 VAN WAGENEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,500
388 BALDWIN AVE New Jersey$2,600
763 MONTGOMERY ST New Jersey$2,100
91 STUYVESANT AVE New Jersey$2,000
2 EAST ST New Jersey$2,200
55 VAN REIPEN AVE New Jersey$2,400
99 DUNCAN AVE New Jersey$2,050
767 WEST SIDE AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,200
142 LOGAN AVE New Jersey$2,500
50 GLENWOOD AVE New Jersey$2,400
75 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,000
50 DEY ST New Jersey$2,250
640 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$6,000
646 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,300
No photo available
666 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,500
324 BALDWIN AVE New Jersey$2,100
27 BALDWIN AVE New Jersey$2,400
No photo available
22 BELMONT AVE New Jersey$2,100
639 NEWARK AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,500
850 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,500
65 CLIFTON PL New Jersey$3,100
No photo available
453 MERCER ST New Jersey$2,300
28 HOWARD PL New Jersey$3,500
108 WALDO AVE New Jersey$2,000
4 BEACON WAY New Jersey$2,550
680 COMMUNIPAW AVE New Jersey$2,300
310 ACADEMY ST New Jersey$2,100
326 SIP AVE New Jersey$2,300
25 SENATE PL New Jersey$2,395
102 VAN REYPEN ST New Jersey$2,400
201 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,220
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