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105 STORMS AVE Condo New Jersey$150,000
2520 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$6,377
326 SIP AVE New Jersey$3,500
461 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$3,250
144 ROMAINE AVE New Jersey$3,200
27 HOWARD PL New Jersey$3,100
3156 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$3,000
59 WASHBURN ST New Jersey$2,000
108 WALDO AVE New Jersey$2,150
16 HENRY ST New Jersey$2,500
43 VAN WAGENEN AVE New Jersey$2,100
65 CLIFTON PL New Jersey$2,400
71 JEWETT AVE New Jersey$2,200
32 MAGNOLIA AVE New Jersey$2,400
32 MAGNOLIA AVE New Jersey$2,150
3226 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$2,595
3226 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$2,950
24 WALLIS AVE New Jersey$2,200
3226 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$2,700
225 ST PAUL AVE New Jersey$2,100
274 ST PAULS AVE New Jersey$2,100
901 BERGEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,600
8 EMERSON AVE New Jersey$2,100
674 BERGEN AVE New Jersey$2,050
5 EMERSON AVE New Jersey$2,200
850 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,000
4 BEACON WAY New Jersey$2,800
50 DEY ST New Jersey$2,300
473 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,700
850 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,150
4 BEACON WAY New Jersey$2,590
43 VAN WAGENEN AVE New Jersey$2,650
3226 KENNEDY BLVD New Jersey$2,725
819 NEWARK AVE New Jersey$2,300
33 GARRISON AVE New Jersey$2,900
38 TUERS AVE New Jersey$2,800
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