JC, West Bergen

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2125 KENNEDY BLVD Retail New Jersey$150,000
29 MULBERRY ST Condo New Jersey$409,900
424 WEST SIDE AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,500
8 XAVIER CT New Jersey$3,500
2 TOTTENHAM CT New Jersey$3,300
113 OXFORD AVE New Jersey$3,000
165 MCADOO AVE New Jersey$2,500
414 UNION ST New Jersey$2,200
110A OAK ST New Jersey$2,000
144 FULTON AVE New Jersey$2,800
201 GRANT AVE New Jersey$2,000
162 BOYD AVE New Jersey$2,100
108 MCADOO AVE New Jersey$2,200
271.5 GRANT AVE New Jersey$2,400
140 MCADOO AVE New Jersey$2,000
294 EGE AVE New Jersey$2,000
176 BARTHOLDI AVE New Jersey$2,000
45 BROADMAN PARKWAY New Jersey$2,050
1521 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$2,500
16 BENNETT ST New Jersey$2,862
1521 KENNEDY BLVD Commercial New Jersey$2,300
289 VAN NOSTRAND AVE New Jersey$2,900
188 LEMBECK AVE New Jersey$2,350
213 MALLORY AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,600
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