New Jersey

Another natural extension of New York City is the charming and ever expanding Gold Coast of New Jersey. Stretched between Jersey City, Hoboken, Weehawken and all the way up to Edgewater. Whether you are looking for a Loft conversion in the WALDO district of Jersey  City, a high rise waterfront glass tower with sprawling views of Manhattan or a charming historical townhouse, you will find the short PATH train or Waterway Ferry ride a short breeze connecting you to midtown or downtown's business districts of Manhattan.

62 KING AVE New Jersey$4,000
940 WILLOW AVE New Jersey$3,000
812 GARDEN ST New Jersey$3,350
162 GRAND ST New Jersey$2,700
223 BLOOMFIELD ST New Jersey$2,750
62 KING AVE New Jersey$4,000
126 DUDLEY ST New Jersey$4,200
45 RIVER DR SOUTH New Jersey$3,300
551 OBSERVER HIGHWAY New Jersey$3,000
1013 PARK AVE New Jersey$2,100
129 CLINTON ST New Jersey$2,375
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165 GRAND ST New Jersey$3,100
12 CAMERON RD New Jersey$4,800
814 WILLOW AVE New Jersey$3,000
202 SHIPPEN ST New Jersey$2,200
34 49TH ST New Jersey$2,200
25-11 BERGENLINE AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,000
91 RESERVOIR AVE New Jersey$2,300
252-256 1ST ST New Jersey$2,800
6040 BLVD EAST New Jersey$2,200
53 COLUMBIA TERRACE New Jersey$3,600
3724 LIBERTY AVE New Jersey$2,350
515 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$2,750
Great 1BR For Rent in Jersey City Bergen-Lafayette$1,500
151 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,450
206 6TH ST New Jersey$2,200
123 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$2,500
341 PARK AVE New Jersey$2,600
204 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$2,200
408 WASHINGTON ST New Jersey$2,500
151 LINCOLN ST New Jersey$2,250
709 WILLOW AVE New Jersey$2,250
155 VAN WAGENEN AVE Commercial New Jersey$3,500
4 JORDAN AVE Commercial New Jersey$2,500
2020 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$2,550
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