Union City

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Corner Retail + 1 family on busy intersection, Union City NJ$540,000
2000 WEST ST New Jersey$4,990,000
1006-1010 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$5,000,000
2801 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$4,799,000
3133-3139 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$3,695,000
3133-3139 CENTRAL AVE Office New Jersey$3,695,000
900-902 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$3,200,000
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No photo available
3312 HUDSON AVE Condo New Jersey$420,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$301,900
819 12TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$599,000
645 38TH ST New Jersey$379,000
818 22ND ST Multi-Family New Jersey$699,000
318 40TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$699,999
380 MOUNTAIN RD Condo New Jersey$260,000
3312 HUDSON AVE Condo New Jersey$599,999
1608 WEST ST New Jersey$249,000
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123 20TH ST New Jersey$429,900
912 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$980,000
2100 NEW YORK AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$950,000
513 MONASTERY PL Multi-Family New Jersey$730,000
Union City liquor license Commercial New Jersey$189,900
513 MONASTERY PL New Jersey$730,000
4301 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$329,999
318 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$329,000
636 36TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$459,000
380 MOUNTAIN RD Condo New Jersey$259,000
2416 WEST ST Condo New Jersey$369,999
2416 WEST ST Condo New Jersey$464,000
1724 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$1,299,000
4315 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$325,000
525 28TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
2903 SUMMIT AVE Condo New Jersey$236,000
2201 SUMMIT AVE Commercial New Jersey$40,000
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