Union City

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Corner Retail + 1 family on busy intersection, Union City NJ$540,000
544 40TH ST New Jersey$5,700,000
2000 WEST ST New Jersey$4,990,000
2801 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$4,799,000
4401-4403 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$3,600,000
643 38TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$550,000
309 PALISADE AVE Condo New Jersey$489,000
308 8TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$705,000
1909 NEW YORK AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$649,000
414 38TH ST Commercial New Jersey$575,000
809 22ND ST Condo New Jersey$549,999
516 LINCOLN ST Multi-Family New Jersey$399,000
2305 NEW YORK AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$749,000
420 8TH ST New Jersey$399,900
2111 WEST ST Multi-Family New Jersey$629,000
4310 PALISADE AVE Condo New Jersey$149,000
4310 PALISADE AVE Condo New Jersey$147,500
1914 KERRIGAN AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$579,000
629 38TH ST Condo New Jersey$450,000
1901 SUMMIT AVE Condo New Jersey$455,000
549 41ST ST Condo New Jersey$529,000
3312 HUDSON AVE Condo New Jersey$679,000
616 10TH ST Condo New Jersey$175,000
710 7TH ST New Jersey$675,000
710 7TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$675,000
608-610 NEW YORK AVE New Jersey$1,048,000
610 NEW YORK AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$599,000
608 NEW YORK AVE Multi-Family New Jersey$449,000
1417 SUMMIT AVE New Jersey$550,000
310 49TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$549,000
3100 CENTRAL AVE Land New Jersey$834,000
3315 PLEASANT AVE Condo New Jersey$215,000
3100 CENTRAL AVE New Jersey$834,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$388,000
4213 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$2,300,000
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