Union City

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2801 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$4,799,000
4401 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$3,695,000
320-324 MOUNTAIN RD New Jersey$3,000,000
320-324 MOUNTAIN RD Multi-Family New Jersey$3,000,000
526 27TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$634,000
410 12TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$849,000
605 NEW YORK AVE Condo New Jersey$349,000
512 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$599,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$440,000
4315 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$749,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$252,000
4301 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$495,000
209 40TH ST Condo New Jersey$384,900
512 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$599,000
512 4TH ST Condo New Jersey$389,000
108 43RD ST Multi-Family New Jersey$999,900
4310 HUDSON AVE New Jersey$950,000
100 MANHATTAN AVE Condo New Jersey$319,000
1515 PALISADE AVE New Jersey$480,000
418 2ND ST New Jersey$699,999
727 24TH ST New Jersey$598,000
380 MOUNTAIN RD Condo New Jersey$729,000
705 8TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$819,900
414 24TH ST New Jersey$1,048,000
414 24TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$799,000
500 CENTRAL AVE Condo New Jersey$200,000
2212 BERGENLINE AVE New Jersey$1,115,000
809 22ND ST Condo New Jersey$439,000
607 18TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$424,900
414 24TH ST Commercial New Jersey$1,048,000
310 37TH ST Condo New Jersey$381,000
4301 PARK AVE Condo New Jersey$329,000
310 37TH ST New Jersey$381,000
139 40TH ST Multi-Family New Jersey$474,900
3312 HUDSON AVE Condo New Jersey$545,000
401 30TH ST Industrial New Jersey$1,400,000
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